Chemvet Newsletter Volume 44: Spring 2021

21 Sep, 2021

Chemvet Spring Newsletter 2021

Dear clients,

Good rains to carry right through into Summer!

The good winter-spring rains forecast in our last newsletter eventuated and, according to the BOM maps shown above, this excellent rainfall pattern is going to carry right through into the Summer for the eastern half of Australia and Tasmania. Whilst this is great news for production and prices (and lack of fires) it does also mean ideal conditions for parasites. Livestock managers will have to be on the top of their game with respect to worm, tick and blowfly control. Remember strategic control and prevention is so important in years like this – and Chemvet has all the products and advice to help.

Biosecurity, Food Security and National Security – a less from COVID

There was a very good article by Andrew Henderson, published in Beef Central recently, on the utmost important of Border Biosecurity. He shows the massive, massive threat to the economic wellbeing of all livestock producers, as well as to Australia as a whole, that an exotic disease incursion through our borders would pose. He even links this to Australia’s national security. I commend this article to all who read this newsletter.

In a nutshell, it explains that the ffort, money and time put into securing Australia’s borders against exotic disease is pathetic when considering the risks and devastation that it would cause. The National Livestock Identification Scheme (NLIS) and traceability have such an important part to play, but so to has prevention of disease incursion at Australia’s border.

I implore any livestock producer who has any interaction with Federal parliamentarians (of all persuasions), particularly this close to the electoral cycle, to make sure that they ram home the importance of biosecurity and exotic disease prevention to Australia as a nation and the current lack of focus and resource allocation at a Federal level.


Chemvet’s proactive measures, such as – carrying increased stock levels, leasing extra warehouse space, placing larger supply orders well before our requirement, etc. – has meant that COVID has so far (touch wood) meant that disruption to product and service delivery has been minimal. However, the widening spread of outbreaks due to the Delta variant particularly in NSW and VIC may have some impacts beyond our control – especially with delivery. So where possible, it may be best not to leave orders to the last minute.

Frequent and rapid state border closures have meant client visits have been very limited all year, and unfortunately are likely to remain so until the end of the year. Tash has more to say on the advent of our ‘virtual client visits’ over page!

Stay safe and kind regards,


Cattle Specials

Vetmec Antiparasitic Cattle Injection

  • Excellent drenching option for beef cattle!
  • Idependent studies have shown the Vetmec formulation to have similar persistent activity to that of other types of injectable products, such as IVOMEC and DECTOMAX
  • 14 days protection against Lungworm
  • 7 days protection against Barbers Pole, Brown Stomach Worm, Stomach Hair Worm, Cooperia, Hookworm, Nodular Worms and more!


Order QuantityPriceEXTRAS
Buy 1-4 Packs$125 + GST Save $10 per pack
Buy 5+ Packs$125 + GST (Save $10)16 x 1/2″ Needles
Vetmec Dog Allwormer
Buy 10+ Packs$120 + GST (Save $15)16 x 1/2″ Needles
12.5mL Injector
Vetmec Dog Allwormer

**Special ends 30th November 2021**

Vetmec Pour-On

  • Low volume, only 1mL per 20kg! Less than $2 a dose!
  • Super effective lice treatment – as well as treating a full spectrum of internal worms
  • NIL milk withholding
  • Organic solvents!
  • Easy on the gun, easy on the operator, easy on the animal

SPRING SPECIAL – Bonus Applicator

Buy any 2 drums (2.5L or 10L) and get a FREE Pour-On Applicator

**Special Ends 30th November 2021**

Delivery of Backlines & Large Drench Orders

Vetmec Bodyguard and Vetmec Strikemaster is delivered by TNT – it is too heavy to send Australia Post. To avoid some surcharges that we have recently incurred for delivery to farms, we may ask if there’s a local business (mechanics, tire shop, general store) or TNT depot that we can get your product delivered to. This is a place that will be of convenience for you to collect it from – just let us know when you place your order.

Sheep News


With the successful launch of Vetmec Moxiguard, it’s time to stress the importance of primer drenches when using a long acting drench. This involves giving a triple active, short acting drench (e.g. Vetmec LV & Dual) at the same time as Moxiguard. Doing it this way ensures the animal is free of all (resistant) worms, resulting in exceptional protection by the long-acting drench and reduced resistance to moxidectin. It’s a win-win!


Attention Breeders

Now is the time to start thinking about how you’re going to set up your pastures for weaning spring lambs onto, and paddock for autumn lambing. To ‘mop up’ the sheep larvae off these important pastures, this may be done in several ways, including

  • Grazing cattle or weaners for a period of time
  • Using Vetmec Moxiguard with a good primer drench
  • Or employing a combination of these strategies

Power Dosers

Available in 30mL (applies Strikemaster) and 60mL (applies Bodyguard) sizes.

Comes complete with 10-metre hose and gas regulator kit.

Freight free when ordering with backlines.

No more sore hands – At just the press of a button, make backlining a dream!

Bodyguard – Be ready when the shearers are!

Prepare for shearing this season, so that you’re ready to go when the shearers arrive.

With the same active ingredient as Avenge + Fly, Vetmec Bodyguard Pour-On Lousicide is an extremely effective way to treat lice (Bovicola ovis) off shears – with residual protection against reinfestation for up to 4 weeks.

To make application even easier, use the Genesis 60mL Power Doser


Get 20% off a 60mL Power Doser when you order 5+ drums of Vetmec Bodyguard

Call to place your order today – 1800 243 683

**Special ends 30th November 2021**


As mentioned on the front page, a wet spring and early summer is forecasted. This means FLIES! With some wool growers unable to book their regular shearing teams, it may be vital to have a plan to manage the risk of flystrike in the meantime.

In the spirit of being prepared, we’ve budgeted our stock for a bad fly season. Now we want you to be prepared and secure your stock in advance, so it’s there for when you need it!

Vetmec Strikemaster protects against blowflies (Lucilia cuprina) for 18 – 24 weeks. It can be applied on or off-shears, as well as on mulesing and marking wounds – ideal for use when marking spring lambs!


Get 20% off a 30mL Power Doser when you order 5+ 20L drums of Vetmec Strikemaster

Call to place your order today – 1800 243 683

**Special ends 30th November 2021**


Cattle NLIS Price Breaks

As of 1st July 2021, there are now ongoing quantity-based price breaks on Z Tags NLIS Breeder Tags.

QuantityPrice per Tag
1 – 499$2.95 + GST
500 – 999$2.85 + GST
1000 +$2.70 + GST

Tru-Test Stick Readers

Tru-Test SRS2 Stick Reader
Tru-Test SRS2 Stick Reader

SRS2 Stick Reader – $1550 + GST

  • Large sunlight viewable 2.7″ LCD screen makes it easy to read
  • Fast tag reads with feedback through vibrating handle
  • Quick access keys for simple navigation
  • Practical and safe to use with long reach
  • Rugged and ergonomic design

Tru-Test XRS2 Stick Reader
Tru-Test XRS2 Stick Reader

XRS2 Stick Reader – $2140 + GST

  • In addition to the features of the SRS2;
  • Alphanumeric keypad to flexible data entry
  • Customisable alerts, such as cull
  • Add and edit session names to keep track of each session
  • Capture animal information such as condition scores in up to 15 custom data fields


In a continued celebration of this addition to our Chemvet range, any order of electronic tags (sheep or cattle) puts you in the draw to win an SRS2 EID Stick Reader, valued at over $1700.

Order your tags now for better traceability, data and your chance to WIN!


Out and about!

It was an absolute miracle to be able to get to the Victorian State Merino Field Day at Marnoo. It’s always great to get out to see our smiling customers. We’ll be back next year for sure!

Unfortunately, due to border restrictions, Geoff has been unable to get to Queensland as mentioned in the last newsletter. Tash ahs also had to reschedule her trip to King Island/Flinders Island/Tasmania. In the meantime, we are doing some ‘virtual drop-ins’, which involves an email and/or a phone call to our loyal customers in areas that we are unable to visit at the moment. We look forward to chatting with you on the phones until we can get out and visit again. More information can be found here.


Recently you may have noticed a change in the way we are invoicing as they are no generated through Xero. Alongside Xero, we have Salesforce which is going to streamline the way we deliver important communications and keep track of prescribed worming programs etc.! Customer feedback is always welcome, as no system is perfect, so please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any problems with your invoices.

Staff Anniversary

Nicole has been with Chemvet for a full year. We hope to have a celebratory lunch soon, COVID dependent! During this time, Nicole has worked three days a week part-time and extra time in her university holidays.

Her efficiency and cheery calm are a great asset to the Chemvet team. Nicole is hoping to get into a further University course, which will mean full time commitment to study next year.

Grant News

We have just realised that Jane Grant’s third daughter hasn’t featured in the newsletter yet. Here is a photo of Sophie Rose Bradley, the youngest of Murray and Ruth’s eight grandchildren. Sophie is now 9 months old and full of personality. She spends a lot of her time ‘singing’ (very loudly)!

We may have another Dame Nellie Melba here!


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