Hello from afar! Introducing virtual drop-ins [NEW]

19 Aug, 2021

In this crazy COVID world, Geoff has been unable to get out to visit as many people as usual due to border closures and state restrictions. This is super frustrating because we love getting out to see our loyal Vetmec customers!

Until we can get out and about again, we’ve come up with a temporary solution to checking in with you…

Virtual Drop-ins

You may receive an email and/or a phone call from Natasha or Geoff in the coming weeks/months, as they make their way around the country saying a virtual hello.

Alternatively, if you feel up for a yarn, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Like I say in the video above, we love meeting you all face-to-face and seeing all the beautiful parts of the country that you hail from.

We can’t wait to get back onto the road!

Farming doesn’t stop for COVID, keep up the great work and we’ll see you soon!


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