Vetmec Pour-On 2.5L

$260.00 + GST

Vetmec Pour-On for Cattle 2.5L

Active Ingredient: Ivermectin 10mg/mL

Low Volume Formulation – apply at 1ml per 20kg liveweight

100 x 500kg doses per pack

Vetmec Pour-On cattle drench is a highly effective, high quality, oil-based, broad spectrum pour-on cattle drench.

Virtually no odour

NIL Milk Withholding

Download Vetmec Pour-On Cattle Drench safety data sheet

Official Label


KEY FEATURES – Vetmec Pour-On

Parasite Spectrum – Vetmec Pour-On

Gastrointestinal roundworms:

  • Barbers Pole Worm (Haemonchus placei)
  • Hookworm (Bunostomum phlebotomum)
  • Intestinal Threadworm (Strongyloides papillosus)
  • Large Bowel Worm (Oesophagostomum radiatum)
  • Small Intestinal Worm (Cooperia oncophora, Cooperia punctata)
  • Small Brown Stomach Worm (Ostertagia ostertagi – including inhibited stages)
  • Stomach Hair Worm (Trichostrongylus axei)
  • Thin Necked Intestinal Worm (Nematodirus spathiger)
  • Whipworm (Trichuris spp.)

Other roundworms

  • Lungworm (Dictyocaulus viviparus)

Sucking & Biting Lice

  • Biting Lice (Bovicola bovis)
  • Little Sucking Lice (Solenopotes capillatus)
  • Long Nosed Sucking Lice (Linognathus vituli)
  • Short Nosed Sucking Lice (Haematopinus eurysternus)


  • Chorioptic Mange (Chorioptes bovis)
  • Sarcoptic Mange (Sarcoptes scabiei var bovis)


  • Cattle Tick (Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus)

Maximum tick efficacy is achieved 4-5 days after treatment. In planning a strategic tick control program, it should be noted that viable eggs may have been laid by engorged female ticks that drop from cattle in the initial days after treatment. When a tick control program requires repeat treatments, Vetmec Pour-On should be alternated with conventional dips or pour-on’s in order to reduce the risk of resistance.


  • Buffalo Fly (Haematobia irritans exigua)

Sustained Activity

Applied at the correct dose and under the correct conditions, ivermectin effectively controls infection with:

  • Small Brown Stomach Worm acquired up to 14 days after treatment
  • Lungworm acquired up to 28 days after treatment
  • Buffalo Fly up to 28 days after treatment

Dose Rate

Apply at a rate of 1mL per 20kg along the topline of the animal.

Vetmec Pour-On

Withholding Periods

Milk: NIL

Meat: 42 days

ESI: 42 days

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