Vetmec Pour On Cattle Drench 2.5L

$300.00 $260.00 + GST

With just one easy application, you pour it on, you will be able to treat and control:

100 x 500kg doses per pack

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Download Vetmec Pour-On Cattle Drench safety data sheet

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The highly effective, high quality, oil-based Vetmec broad spectrum pour-on cattle drench. It has virtually no odour for both Beef and Dairy cattle and is available from Chemvet at a very competitive price. It carries a Nil milk withholding!
Vetmec Pour on cattle Drench offers great value, enabling you to treat for less than $2.00 per head for a 500 Kg adult.

Main features:

  • Cattle pour on product for easy application
  • Low volume formulation – only 25 mL for 500 Kgs
  • Nil Milk withholding – Suitable for dairy cows
  • Available in 10 Litre Drum or 2.5L Back Pack
  • Organic solvents

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