Vetmec LV Plus Selenium 10L

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Active Ingredients: Abamectin 2.0 g/L & Selenium 1.0 g/L

Vetmec LV plus Selenium sheep drench (oral drench for sheep) is an effective drench against a wide range of adult and immature worms.

Added Selenium for the treatment and prevention of selenium deficiencies

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VETMEC LV Plus Selenium Sheep Drench is effective against a wide range of adult and immature worms. This low volume formulation (1ml/10kg) has added selenium for the treatment and prevention of selenium deficiencies.

Parasite Spectrum – VETMEC LV Plus Selenium

  • Barber’s Pole Worm
  • Small Brown Stomach Worms
  • Black Scour Worms
  • Small Intestinal Worms
  • Thin Necked Intestinal Worms
  • Large Bowel Worms
  • Lungworm
  • Nasal Bot
  • Itchmite

Vetmec LV also treats and prevents selenium deficiency.

Dosage Information

Dose at 1mL per 10kg of bodyweight using the Vetmec Sheep Drench Gun (or any other drench gun).

Bodyweight (kg) Dose Volume (mL) Doses per 10L
16-20 2.0 5000
21-25 2.5 4000
26-30 3.0 3333
31-35 3.5 2857
36-40 4.0 2500
41-45 4.5 2222
46-50 5.0 2000
51-55 5.5 1818
56-60 6.0 1666
61-65 6.5 1538
66-70 7.0 1428
71-75 7.5 1333

Withholding Periods – Vetmec LV Plus Selenium

Meat: 14 days.

ESI: 28 days.

Milk: Do not use in lactating ewes producing milk for human consumption or processing.

Cost Effective Triple Active Drench

Use in conjunction with Vetmec DUAL for a very effective ‘resistance breaking’ 3 way drench!

The two drenches were designed so that they can be mixed at a rate of 1:1 into the backpack, for an extremely cost efficient way of giving your sheep an extra effective drench!

The Power of Abamectin

The active ingredient in Vetmec LV Plus Selenium, abamectin, is the most effective ‘mectin for use as a sheep worm drench. It is now regarded as the best short acting ‘mectin product for use in the treatment and control of sheep worms.

Abamectin drenches have been shown to remain effective for a time following the emergence of resistance to ivermectin of internal sheep parasites.

At around half the price of comparable products VETMEC LV is the most cost effective choice. Only 10c per adult 50 Kg dose!

Priced at $200 + GST per 10L Drum. (Free Delivery along the East Coast and SA)

Large savings over comparable products.

Comparable products: Sheepguard SE

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