Vetmec Dual 10L sheep drench

$200.00 + GST

Vetmec Dual Sheep Drench is a low volume combination of white and clear drench that contains Albendazole and Levamisole.

Controls gastrointestinal round worms sensitive to benzimadazoles and levamisole as well as being ovicidal (kills existing worm eggs).

Mix with VETMEC LV for a very cost effective 3-way ‘resistance breaking combo’ !

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The product is used for the control of gastrointestinal roundworms sensitive to Benzimadazoles and Levamisole including those resistant to either Benzimadazoles or Levamisole.

Vetmec Dual also controls Lungworm and Tapeworm (both heads and segments) as well as reducing viable worm eggs (ovicidal).

  •       Broad spectrum worm control
  •       Control of sensitive and single-resistant strains of internal parasites
  •       Only 10 day meat withholding period
  •       Only 10 day ESI

“Use in conjunction with Vetmec LV for a very cost effective ‘resistance breaking’ 3 way drench!”

Vetmec DUAL might be comparatively cheap sheep drench, but it’s by no means cheap in quality.

Free delivery anywhere in Australia

Large savings over comparable products.

Call CHEMVET’s Veterinarian to discuss worm control or your latest worm testing results.

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