Chemvet Newsletter Volume 43: Winter 2021

12 Jul, 2021

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Photo courtesy of Sue Zerafa

Dear Clients,

I am sure that you will all agree that it is great to see a photo of cattle with grass up to their guts!

I hope all is well with everyone and that the COVID19 ‘2021 version’ with its mini outbreaks, hasn’t affected you too much.

Other than interrupting our interstate client visits, Chemvet is faring pretty well. Stock levels are currently good and delivery of orders have been uninterrupted. We were able to attend AGFEST down at Tassie which was fantastic; catching up with heaps of clients as well as introducing our new Moxiguard Long Acting Injection for Sheep. More about Moxiguard over page in our sheep section.

Unfortunately we couldn’t make it up to Beef2021 but Geoff will be spending an extended period in Queensland over August (border restrictions pending) catching up with clients. Give him a call if you would like him to call in.

Good news for our Queensland cattle clients, registration has now been granted for Vetmec Tickmaster and Vetmec Tickmaster Plus. We are not working hard on our production documentation and having the products available for the next tick season. These products are similar to the fluazuron tick control and worm pour-on products Acatak™ and Acatak Duostar™.

Rainfall Outlook

In all the time that I have been writing the Chemvet Newsletter, I haven’t seen a rainfall map like it. All of Australia can look forward to a better than normal rainfall over the next 3-4 months. Whilst this is fantastic for grass and fodder production, we are all going to have to watch out for worms, flies and ticks – check out the Chemvet products over page.

Kind regards,


Cattle News

The two A’s for effective fluke treatment

The two months for the most effective fluke treatment are the two “A’s” – April and August. This is because these are the two months when in most areas the cattle have picked up what fluke they are going to pick up, and the majority of these fluke are in the adult stage which is the best time to hit them for a six – before they drag the beast down in condition.


Buy 5 + packs: $160 + GST

Buy 10+ packs: $155 + GST (INCLUDES BONUS GUN PACK)

**Until 31st August 2021**

Cattle Lice

Lice have been really prevalent on a lot of properties. Remember Vetmec Pour-On is an effective lousicide as well as an effective worm drench for your cattle. With the cost of Lice specific products these days, it means you the worm drench virtually for free!

Important note: when treating your cattle for lice, it is important that all cattle on the property, or all cattle that will come in contact with the mob you want to treat and protect, must be treated at the same time or over the shortest time possible.

SPECIAL! Buy 2 packs of Pour-On (2.5L or 5L) and get a FREE Pour-On Applicator worth over $45!

Vetmec Tickmaster & Tickmaster Plus

Vetmec Tickmaster (Fluazuron 25g/L) is a tick development inhibitor for up to 12 weeks of protection of beef cattle against Cattle Tick (Boophilus microplus). Similar or comparable to: Acatak™.

Vetmec Tickmaster Plus Ivermectin (Fluazuron 15g/L & Ivermectin 5g/L) is for the strategic control of the Cattle Tick, whilst treating gastrointestinal roundworms, lungworms, sucking and biting lice, and sarcoptic mange and chorioptic mites and buffalo fly. Similar or comparable to: Acatak Duostar™.

Vetmec LEV

Thanks to the ever growing number of clients now routinely using LEV pour-on as a ‘resistance buster’ at the same time as Vetmec Pour-On, or Vetmec and Vetmec F injection.

This ‘double active strategy’ is predicted to keep your ‘mectin treatments effective for years to come. Only $0.72 per 300kg weaner!

“My young cattle have never looked so clean or responded to drench so well as they have this winter”

Beef producer using Resistance Busting LEV at the same time as Vetmec F, April 2021

Sheep News

Vetmec Moxiguard

Vetmec Moxiguard Long Acting Sheep Injection

Moxiguard is a long acting injectable drench containing 20g/L Moxidectin, the equivalent to Cydectin Long-Acting™. To be used when it fits your overall drench strategy.  

For the treatment and control of roundworms, nasal bot and itchmite in sheep as well as against severe challenge by Haemonchus contortus (Barber’s Pole worm) for up to 4 months. If you currently use a long acting drench in your worm program, switch to Moxiguard and $AVE!

It is ideal for use where paddock larval burdens may be high, or where animal immunity levels may be low (for example, lactating ewes and merino weathers). Ideal for pre-lambing drenching in flocks which have sound drench resistance strategies in place. May be used in conjunction with other worm control drenches and/or vaccinations.

If you are using a long acting drench for pre-lambing, consider ordering from us now. We have an introductory offer of an injector gun and needles. Call Murray or Tash with any questions, or orders on 1800 243 683.

SPECIAL PRICE! Buy 6+ packs: $180 + GST. Buy 10+ packs: FREE 5mL Injector & Needles

Best Practice Sheep Injections

Vetmec Needles 18G X 1/4"

We have added 18G x 1/4″ needles to our range of super high quality injector needles. This is so our clients can follow best practice and safely and accurately administer Vetmec Moxiguard and other subcutaneous products such as 5-in-1. Using a 1/4″ needle removes the need to ‘tent’ the skin, allowing a subcutaneous injection with just one hand and reducing the risk of injecting into the muscle (and yourself!).

Lamb Marking & Shearing

Fly season is just around the corner. If you haven’t yet, make sure you check out our Lice and Blowfly products!


Bummer – a price rise

Unfortunately, our suppliers Z Tags/Datamars have hit us with a price rise at very short notice (effective 1st July 2021).

We have endeavoured to keep the price as low as possible for our customers, but unfortunately some sort of increase in price was unavoidable. Our website has updated prices as of 1st July.

We reached out to as many tag clients as we could, both by email and mailout to give an opportunity to purchase prior to the price increase. To ease the pain, we have introduced some specials and bonus offers, effective through until 30th September 2021.

Cattle Tag Special

Free tagger promo

Order 200+ Z Tags (either NLIS or visual management tags) and receive a FREE Z2 No-Tear Tagger!

Order 1000+ Z Tags NLIS Tags for $2.70 + GST (Save $0.25 per tag on the new price of $2.95+ GST).

Tru-Test Tag Reader Competition

Now that Datamars has merged with Tru-Test, Chemvet will again be stocking EID stick readers! They are great management tools for recording and transferring EID tag information.

Tru-Test SRS2 Stick Reader

To celebrate the return of this product range: All cattle and sheep electronic tag purchases until the 30th September will put you in the draw to win a Tru-Test SRS2 EID Stick Reader, worth over $1700!

Order your tags now for better traceability and your chance to win!

TagFaster Sheep Tags

We are having great feedback on TAGFASTER Sheep Tags. Everyone is saying thank goodness 2021 is yellow – purple was not a good colour. TagFaster Sheep Tags can be management or electronic, and printing is easily customised to suit your preferences. The tags themselves are sturdy and lightweight with excellent retention. The extra sharp pin on the tag is made of nylon, making it stronger and less likely to bend when piercing the ear.

The TagFaster Multishot Applicator is exclusively designed to apply the TagFaster range of tags in easy0loading strips of 20. It allows you to tag sheep and goats form either the front or back of the ear as well as in marking cradles.

Every applicator comes with a Hand Plier Tagger in case the tags are required to be applied individually.

TagFaster Applicator

TagFaster Special

Receive a FREE TagFaster Applicator on orders of:

TagFaster Applicator

Field Days

Sheepvention and Marnoo

agfest 2021
agfest 2021

Chemvet has a site at Sheep Connect 2021 at the Hamilton Showgrounds, this year’s version of Sheepvention. This is a 2-day event on the 2nd and 3rd of August. If you miss tickets to that, then we’ll be in Marnoo for the 2021 Victorian State Merino Field Day on the 16th August. We’re enjoying getting out and about (especially after 2020’s Victorian lockdown), so keep an eye out for the flashy new Chemvet tent and friendly faces!


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