Z Tags 2 Piece Management Tags

$1.53$2.42 + GST

Z Tags 2 Piece Management Tags (Z2 No-Tear Tags)

Current turnaround times vary with tag colour, starting from 3 weeks.

Freely rotating for rapid healing, with superior retention.


Yellow, Purple, Pink, White, Dark Blue, Red, Green, Orange and Black.


Z Tags 2 Piece Management Tags

Medium: From $1.53* + GST

Large: From $1.72* + GST

Extra Large: From $1.97* + GST

*Plus extra for printing


Laser Print is the default printing type and is available for all tag sizes.

PureBlac printing is available for Large and XL sizes only, please contact us to order tags with PureBlac printing.

Autumn Promotion Bonaza !

Kit 1. To receive Z1 or Z2 Tagger & Toolbox & 60mL NJ Phillips Cattle Drencher

Kit 2. To receive Z1 or Z2 Tagger & Toolbox

Kit 3. To receive a FREE Z1 or Z2 Tagger only

*Promotion ends 31st May 2024, while stocks last. Only one kit applicable per order*

Please specify your printing requirements in the ‘Text to Print’ box below. 



Well priced, personalised, Z Tags 2 Piece Management Tags in all sizes and colours. Strong, durable and reliable identification tags for your cattle.

  • FREE TAGGER PROMO – Get a Free Z2 No Tear Tagger with your first 50 Z Tags 2 Piece Management Tags

KEY FEATURES – Z Tags 2 Piece Management Tags

  • Tamperproof and non-tamperproof (reusable) available
  • Safe and easy to apply
  • A free rotating design promotes rapid wound healing. Also allowing the tag to hang correctly to ensure better readability from the front and back of the animal’s ear.
  • The metal pin on the male button aids with insertion in cold conditions and through thick ears
  • Designed for superior retention with a flexible material ensuring that the tag will not snag and pull out, or break off
  • Applied with the Z2 No-Tear Tagger

Why get printing on tags?

Tags that are pre-printed saves you the work when it comes to tagging. We are able to customise the print on your tags to exactly what you need. Black tags are printed with white text, so that you’re visual ID stands out and is easy to read.

Common printing requests include:

  • Animal number
  • PIC number
  • Property name
  • Surname
  • Mobile phone number

We can even get your logo printed on the tags for you. To order tags with a logo, we will need a high resolution PDF for the first time you order. After that, it will be stored in the system!

Phone us to discuss your tag needs with us on 1800 243 683

Please note that our tag suppliers, Datamars/Z Tags, are closed over Christmas and New Year. So, if you may need tags during this time, we suggest ordering in November to allow plenty of time for processing and postage.

For further information on the tagging requirements for cattle, you can visit the MLA or Integrity Systems websites. They are both great resources for your responsibilities when it comes to traceability of livestock within Australia.

Additional information


1 lines, 2 lines, 3 lines, no lines

Zee Tag Size

Large including male button, Extra large including male button, Medium including male button

Zee Tag Visual Colours

Black, Dark blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow

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