Z2 No-Tear Tagger

$47.00 + GST

  • Without doubt the best NLIS cattle tag applicator
  • Unique dual action kick-back jaw and flip-out pin
  • Enhanced OH&S for the animal and the producer
  • Designed to apply Z Tags NLIS and Z Tags 2 Piece management tags


Z2 No-Tear Tagger is an economical, strong and reliable cattle tagger. Easier to tag your cattle. Enhances health and safety of cattle and you.


  • Dual action kick-back jaw and flip-out pin
    • Enhances health and safety for the animal and the farmer
    • Eliminates the compression of ears on application
  • Eliminates ripped and torn ears
  • Promotes healing and tag retention
  • Ergonomic handles allows you to tag the animal’s ear from either the front or the back
  • Strong, durable and reliable
  • Highly recommended for tagging cattle, sheep, deer and older animals
  • No need to change tagger pins or add adaptors between VID (1 Piece/2Piece) and EID tags

Designed to apply Z Tag NLIS Tags and Z Tag 2 Piece Management Tags.

Applying Tags with the Z2 No-Tear Tagger

  1. Depress the metal clamp holder and place the female tag under the clamp.
  2. Push the male tag fully onto the tagger pin.
  3. Position the tag between the two main cartilages, approximately halfway between the animal’s head and the tip of the ear.
  4. Always apply the male tag in the back (outside) of the ear.
  5. Squeeze handles firmly and hold closed. When the tags have locked together, the tagger arm flicks back and releases the tag preventing ripped ears.
  6. To remove the tagger, pull straight down from the animal’s ear in one smooth motion – no need to open the handles.

Click here for the Z2 No-Tear Tagger user guide.

Replacement Parts

  • Male tag holder pin: $2.73 + GST – call us on 1800 243 683 to order.

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