Z Tags 1 Piece Management Tags

$1.00$1.93 + GST

Z Tags 1  Management Piece Tags (Z1 No-Snag Tags)

New over-molded, self-piercing tag tip makes a clean, precise incision to promote faster healing.


Z Tags 1 Piece Management Tags


Z Tags 1 Piece Management Tags

Medium: From $1.00* + GST

Large: From $1.08* + GST

Extra Large: From $1.48* + GST

*Plus extra for printing


Laser print is the default printing type and is available for all tag sizes.

PureBlac Printing is available for Large and XL tags, please call us to place tag orders with PureBlac printing.

Please specify your printing requirements in the ‘Text to print’ box below. 



Key Features – Z Tags 1 Piece Management Tags

Z Tags 1 Piece Management Tags are fast, easy and safe to apply.

These tags deliver superior retention, using a flexible material ensuring that the tag will not snag and pull out of the ear, or break off. The tag has received global recognition for its retention.

Their unique surgical cutting tip reduces the risk of infection, as well as promoting fast healing.

Available in three sizes: extra large (maxi), large and medium. The extra large size hangs low in the ear for maximum visibility from the front and back. See above for size dimensions.

These tags are suitable for cattle, sheep and deer.

Material: polyurethane (click here for all technical specifications)

Applied with Z Tags Z1 No-Snag Tagger

Why get printing on tags?

Tags that are pre-printed save you the work when it comes to tagging your cattle. We are able to customise the print on your tags to exactly what you need.

Common printing requests include:

  • Animal number
  • PIC number
  • Property name
  • Surname
  • Mobile phone number

We can even get your logo printed on the tags for you. To order tags with a logo, we will need a high resolution PDF for the first time you order. It will then be stored in the system to make your next order a dream!

For further information on the tagging requirements for cattle, you can visit the MLA or Integrity Systems websites. They are both great resources for your responsibilities when it comes to traceability of livestock within Australia. 

Additional information


Extra Large, Large, Medium


Blank, 1 Line, 2 Lines, 3 Lines


Yellow, White, Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Brown

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