Z1 No-Snag Tagger

$35.00 + GST

Z1 No-Snag Tagger

For the application of Z Tags 1 Piece Management Tags and Z Tags Feedlot Tags

Flip-out pin for fast, easy tag release.



The Z1 No-Snag Tagger is a tried and true 1 piece tagger. The flip-out pin eliminates ripped ears, safe and easy to use, as well as lightweight and durable.

KEY FEATURES – Z1 No-Snag Tagger

  • Flip-out pin for fast, easy tag release and eliminates ripped ears
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Each tagger includes a spare pin and tag loader.
  • All tag and tag accessory orders have a flat rate postage fee of $12.50. Express post is available, simply call us for orders that are urgent.

Use for the application of 1 Piece and Feedlot tags.

Quick release and flip-out pin maintain operator control and safety at all times. Getting your hands and equipment away from the animal as quickly as possible!

Applying 1 Piece Tags

  1. Flip tagger pin up. Then insert the tag into the tag loader and push the pin into the head of the tag.
  2. Lift the loader in an upward arc while pushing towards the tagger.
  3. Flip tagger pin down into tagging position. Now the tag is ready to apply.
  4. After application, remove the tagger without opening handles, pulling away form the animal’s ear in one smooth motion.

Replacement Parts

  • Tagger pin – call us on 1800 243 683 to order.