No-Fade Ink Marker

$9.36 + GST

No-Fade Ink Marker

Mark your own tags!

Heavy duty, industrial grade marker for writing on tags.

Make a tag you’ll be able to read in the paddock for years!


Designed for use on Z Tags 2 Piece and Z Tags 1 Piece Visual Tags. However, the No-Fade Ink Marker will perform on all brands of tags.Z Tags with No-Fade Ink Marker

Features: No-Fade Ink Marker

  • Each marker comes with two tips: fine and broad.
  • Quick-dry ink penetrates the tag.
  • Marks about 100 large tags with two coats.
  • It doesn’t fade.

For best results, shake the pen thoroughly and write the ID on the tag. Let the ink dry and then apply a second coat of ink to the surface of the tag. Following these steps ensures optimum ink penetration and longer readability. Make a tag you’ll be able to read out in the paddock for years!

Available in black ink only for displaying identification on white and coloured tags.

How to write on black tags?

For black tags, laser printing is available as white print, so that text stands out. To order pre-printed tags, go to the management tag product of your choice (2 PC, 1 PC or Feedlot), select your colour and the number of lines of print and then specify what you would like printed on them in the ‘Text to print’ box.

Combining with Laser Print

Tags may also be pre-printed with space left for your customised writing using the No-Fade Ink Marker. In this case, let us know so that we can ensure that the whole tag is not treated or ‘lacquered’ and you can still write on the blank spaces.


Important: Keep out of reach of children. 

Removal of Ink: Should ink from the No-Fade Ink Marker accidentally mark other surfaces, it can usually be removed using ethanol. Always check the solvent does not damage the material/surface before applying to its entirety.

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