Chemvet Newsletter Volume 37: Winter 2019

2 Jun, 2019

Dear Clients

I apologise for the frequency that I reference the weather in our Chemvet Newsletter, however we all know that weather and particularly rainfall is the single most important factor in our lives as farmers and graziers.

It is with trepidation that I put this one up. It is the official BOM rainfall prediction for the spring period August to October. Spring rainfall is so important to South East and South West Australia in setting up the season and prolonging pasture or crop growth through into the summer.

The prediction shows that virtually every region has less than 35% chance of receiving normal spring rainfall. Fortunately, some early winter rains in most areas have set up a reasonable base to work from, however several regions such as the northeast of NSW have also continued to struggle through this period.

Both Lamb and Mutton prices continue to set new records and recent rises in the grid and a widening of the steer and cow prices indicate an increasing shortage of slaughter cattle and strong prices for the foreseeable future, although lighter store cattle will struggle until hopefully good summer rains which could mean astronomical prices for all classes of cattle.

Some good news for our sheep producers; Chemvet has added a Click™ like product to our sheep range (see over) which will cut the cost of fly control.

Cheers, Murray and the Team at Chemvet

Vetmec Cattle Injection stands up against competitors

Over the years it has been brought to Chemvet’s attention on numerous occasions that Producers have been sponsored to trial a competitors product against Vetmec Cattle injection. In every instance where producers have reported this to us, Vetmec Cattle injection has performed as well or outperformed the competitor product especially with regards to worm control in young cattle.

Vetmec Antiparisitic Cattle Injection is a non-sting, Abamectin based antiparasitic injection effective against a broad range of internal and external parasites including gastro-intestinal roundworms, lungworms and sucking lice. It also aids in the control of cattle tick & buffalo fly.

Buy 1-4 packs Pay $125 each Save $10 per pack

Buy 5-9 Packs Pay $125 each Save $10 per pack plus get FREE gun, needles & dog worming tables

Buy 10+ Packs Pay $120 each Save $15 per pack plus get FREE gun, needles & dog worming tables


worth $45+GST

Cattle Lice

Lice were really prevalent on a lot of properties last spring. Remember Vetmec pour-on is an effective lousicide as well as an effective worm drench for your cattle. With the cost of Lice specific products these days it means that you get the worm drench virtually for free!

Important note: when treating your cattle for lice it is important that all cattle on the property, or all cattle that will come in contact with the mob you want to treat and protect, must be treated at the same time or over the shortest time possible (including bulls and calves).

SPECIAL! * Buy 2 packs or more (2.5L or 10L)
and get a FREE gun worth $45+GST


Vetmec Pour-on
$1000 + GST


NOW $680+GST*

* Offer valid until March 31st 2020

Vetmec Pour On Cattle Drench 2.5L
Vetmec Pour On Cattle Drench 2.5L
Vetmec Pour-on
2.5L $300+ GST

NOW $260+GST*

Note from Accounts

Virtually 80% of clients now pay by EFT directly into Chemvet’s bank account. This is great and we really appreciate the efficiencies that this creates at our end. However, on the odd occasion, we are still receiving payments without a reference. If you could please put a name or invoice no. as a reference it really helps on our end in allocating the payment. Thanks heaps!

It’s here!

Vetmec Strikemaster Spray-On Blowfly Treatment

STRIKEMASTER is a spray-on Blowfly treatment containing 50 g/L Dicyclanil, the equivalent to Clik™. For genuine 6 months fly protection switch to STRIKEMASTER and save!

Vetmec Strikemaster Spray-On Blowfly Treatment 20L20L $850+GST
Vetmec Strikemaster Spray-On Blowfly Treatment 5L5L $290+GST

Vetmec-BODYGUARD-NEW-highly-competitive-FREIGHT-FREE-price-$340NEW highly competitive FREIGHT FREE price $340+GST

333 x 55kg sheep doses per pack

Even better price!


Thank you to all our clients who have supported this product since its launch last year.

Vetmec Bodyguard is an Imidacloprid based Off-shears Pour-on Lousicide equivalent to Avenge™. Bodyguard comes in the award-winning ‘non-glug’ 20L container. And now in addition to our highly competitive reduced pricing, we are now offering this product freight free.

Shipping by TNT

Chemvet has been able to negotiate with TNT suitable transport rates for larger orders of sheep drench and Bodyguard that can be palletised. A spin-off advantage is that in most cases this is a very convenient ‘to the farm’ delivery. This service has already proven great for delivery of Vetmec Bodyguard and will be an excellent method of delivery for 2+ orders of Vetmec Strikemaster 20L.

Tag News

Two special offers! Ends 30 September 2019.

Order over 250 Zeetag NLIS Tags and receive a free
no tear tagger (worth $42). Ends 30 September 2019.

Order over 300 Zeetag NLIS Tags and receive a free
no tear tagger (worth $42) PLUS a handy Toolbox!

chemvet ztags

Diana – celebrating 12 Years at Chemvet

Starting way back in July 2007, Diana recently celebrated her 12 year anniversary with Chemvet. For many she has been the voice behind the phone for all this time and has really enjoyed the friendly contact with clients from all over Australia, many of whom have been familiar voices for all this time.

Autumn Drop Twins

On April 10th Murray and Ruth’s youngest son Ian and daughter-in-law Kate welcomed the safe arrival of Freddy and Cliff. Murray and Ruth now have 6 grandchildren (4 girls and 2 boys). The boys are doing well and already each have their own ‘personalities’. In Rugby parlance, Murray reckons Cliff is front row material and Freddy is destined for the backline.

Ronnie Palmer – blast from the past!

Recently a ‘fit and tanned’ Ron called into the office. No doubt to check up on things and to see that we have carried on where he left off. He was most impressed with the improvements to the warehouse made to accommodate the extra products brought online since he retired. Ron is off again on another road trip – this time up through the centre to Darwin and back down through Cloncurry Longreach.

Melbourne Uni Meat Judging Team

Chemvet continues as a major sponsor for the Melbourne University Meat Judging Team, helping the team to attend major events and competitions throughout the year. Over the last 4 months the team has been busy training for the Intercollegiate Meat Judging Competition held in Wagga Wagga. This has meant weekly training sessions, hours spent in very cold abattoirs and a lot of commitment from both students and coaches. The competition was held from the 9th-12th of July this year, where 8 students 2 coaches were given an opportunity to network with some of the most influential people in the red meat industry. While they didn’t come out victorious this year, it’s been a fantastic experience for all involved.

Melbourne Uni Meat Judging Team


As foreshadowed in our Autumn newsletter Geoff recently spent 6 weeks in central and far north Queensland visiting Chemvet clients. He really enjoyed catching up with everyone and here he is explaining to Murray he didn’t leave an inch uncovered. And drove down a lot of long straight roads!


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