Chemvet Newsletter Volume 36: Autumn 2019

2 Mar, 2019

Dear Clients,

The official BOM outlook over the Autumn, early winter period was for far less than average rainfall. However, many areas of Queensland (off the back of cyclone Trevor) NSW and Eastern Vic (other than the far south east)and Tasmania received good rainfall throughout March. South western Victoria is waiting for rain, but is coming off a pretty good season. This has given hope to many areas after a disastrous 2018 and early 2019.

Stock prices, both sheep and cattle, all classes, have taken a dramatic uplift. Let’s hope that this rainfall continues into the winter for all areas. Of course our thoughts and best wishes go out to all our gulf country clients who suffered the disastrous fortnight of rain leading to major losses and heartbreak earlier on in the new year.

A note of caution – as the ‘green’ comes remember that it takes some time for a bulk of feed that can sustain stock without supplementation. With the rain comes cold temperatures and heavy stock losses can occur if supplementary feeding is lightened off too early.

Worm burdens in sheep and young cattle can also build up very quickly as they chase the green pick grazing really close to the ground. So keep monitoring in this regard and treat accordingly.

Cheers Murray & the Team at Chemvet

The two A’s for effective fluke treatment

The two months for the most effective fluke treatment are the two “A’s” – April and August. This is because these are the two months when in most areas the cattle have picked up what fluke they are going to pick up and the majority of these fluke are in the adult stage which is the best time to hit them for a six before they drag the beast down in condition.

Also it is important not to fall into the trap in believing that fluke are only an issue in wet years and not so in dry years. In fact dry conditions are often worse for fluke infestation in cattle as this is the time that cattle are really poking into the soaky (‘flukey’) areas chasing whatever green pick they can find.

Treat cattle in fluke prone areas with Vetmec F this month for ‘top of the line’ fluke, worm and lice control.


Pour-on Special

Vetmec Pour-on is a quality oil based ‘pour-on’ drench that has virutally no odour for both Beef and Dairy cattle – with nil milk withholding. Low volume formulation – only 25 mL for 500 Kgs.

Treat and control (for under $2 per head for a 500 Kg adult) with one application: Worms, Lice, Mange, Ticks, Buffalo fly. “Easy on the gun, easy on the animal”

Sheep News


Clik™ like Product. Great news, as mentioned in our December Newsletter, Chemvet has now registered Vetmec Strikemaster Spray-on Blowfly Treatment with the APVMA.

Vetmec Strikemaster is a low volume spray-on blowfly treatment for the prevention of fly strike giving protection, either off-shears or with any length wool for 18 – 24 weeks. This product will soon be entering production and will be available from August this year.

Bayer Australia


Thank you to all our clients who have supported this product since its launch last year.

We have completely sold our first production run and are pleased to announce that we have been able to negotiate reduced manufacturing costs on future batches such that we can now offer, on our second batch of product, greatly reduced freight free pricing.

Shipping by TNT

Chemvet has been able to negotiate with TNT suitable transport rates for larger orders of sheep drench and Bodyguard that can be palletised. A spin-off advantage is that in most cases this is a very convenient ‘to the farm’ delivery. This service has already proven great for delivery of Vetmec Bodyguard and will be an excellent method of delivery for 2+ orders of Vetmec Strikemaster 20L.


Power Doser

A reminder that we have in stock a power doser that has been proven to work well with both Vetmec Bodyguard and Strikemaster.

Australian made and the ideal accessory for those with large mobs of sheep to treat. This doser is powered by a BBQ gas cylinder and comes complete with a 10M hose allowing whole races of sheep to be quickly and efficiently treated with minimal effort straight from the 20L container.


Vetmec Mineral Mix 440gTrace Minerals

The role that trace minerals such as Selenium, Copper, Cobalt (Vitamin B12), Zinc and iodine play in cattle and sheep immunity (response to vaccinations) and resistance

to diseases, such as internal parasitism, via their vital roles in cell metabolism, is being more and more understood. One way of ensuring a ‘top-up’ of these vital trace minerals is to join the vast majority of our sheep clients and incorporate Chemvet’s Vetmec Mineral Mix with your drenching program.


Tag News

For Zeetag NLIS and Management tags applied with the famous Z2 Tagger call us on 1800 243 683 or visit our website to place your order. For those who have provided an email address a ‘tag layout confirmation’ will be emailed to you.

Just a reminder of the year colour and letter for last year through to next year:

Datamars recent purchase of Trutest The operations of Datamars/Zeetags and Trutest have now merged. This means that Chemvet can now offer clients the Trutest excellent range of scanners and weighing solutions, with the added bonus of permanent technical backup from Trutest’s specialist technical backup team.

Congratulations Tash

Tash, in her first year of her Ag science degree at Melbourne University got herself onto the Deans list for averaging high distinctions for all her subjects throughout the year.

Tash is now an integral member of the Chemvet Team working across all areas including warehouse management, orders and administration. We all wish her well in her studies this year. It will certainly be a busy one for her as she has managed to squeeze in a fornights volunteer work in Africa over the August holidays.

Australian Cattle Vets

Murray recently attended the Australian Cattle Vet’s Conference on the Gold Coast for a ‘topup’ in his professional development requirements. Whilst attending a couple of workshops, a highlight for him was the number and keenness of relatively recent Vet Graduates, who are throwing themselves into cattle and sheep medicine and the number of very experienced vets ‘still in the game’. The knowledge and experience of this group of veterinarians and the value that they can provide to cattle and sheep production systems is outstanding. Murray urges all livestock producers to fully utilise this valuable resource not only for the Fire- brigade stuff but for advice on their production systems.


Geoff Grace, Chemvet’s intrepid Sales and Marketing Manager, off the back of an extended trip catching up with clients throughout Tasmania, will be in Queensland for a very large part of May. Kicking off his trip with a couple of days at the Taroom show (6th May), he intends to cover as much of the State as he can. Don’t hesitate to give Geoff a call on 0407660484 if you would like him to visit of even just to have a chat.


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