Chemvet Newsletter Volume 45: Summer 2021

6 Dec, 2021

Dear Clients,

Predictions in our last newsletter for persistent rainfall throughout summer into next autumn, in virtually all pastoral areas, has so far come to fruition. The good news being pastoral conditions will remain strong throughout this period. However, the bad news is, parasites will really require managing.

Worms, especially in weaner cattle and sheep, are going to be an issue throughout this period through to early winter next year. Therefore sound worming programs, combining good strategic grazing management along with correct drench selection and timing of drenching, are going to be really important.

Setting up “clean” paddocks to calve and lamb onto next year is going to be problematic and will require thought and action now and throughout the rest of summer and autumn. For relatively clean paddock with low worm burdens to be available to lamb and calve down onto, the message here is prepare now and do not leave things to the last minute.

Likewise, flystrike and tick seasons are going to be problems over an extended period. Sound management strategies, including applying the correct chemicals at the correct time, again will be super important if troubles with these parasites are to be avoided. It is very likely that the shorter acting fly prevention products commonly used in the new year are not going to last through to the end of the flystrike season.

Chemvet’s product range has been extended again. The Fluazuron based Tickmaster and Tickmaster plus Ivermectin for the strategic control of cattle tick is currently under production and should be available mid to late December (more about these products below).

On behalf of everyone at Chemvet, I would like to thank you for supporting us throughout 2021 and wish you all a very happy and safe Xmas and New Year.

Kind regards,

Murray and the team at Chemvet

Cattle News


Tentatively landing in the Chemvet warehouse in mid-late December. If you are interested in pre-ordering for January delivery, give us a call. More information to come, enquiries are also welcome.

Vetmec Tickmaster Plus Ivermectin
Vetmec Tickmaster Plus Ivermectin
(Fluazuron 15g/L & Ivermectin 5g/L)

Vetmec Tickmaster Plus is for the strategic control of Cattle Ticks, whilst also treating gastrointestinal roundworms, lungworms, sucking an biting lice, sarcoptic and chorioptic mites, and buffalo fly. Similar or comparable to Acatak Duostar ™

Vetmec Tickmaster Pour-On
Vetmec Tickmaster Pour-On
(Fluazuron 25g/L)

Vetmec Tickmaster is a tick development inibitor. Provides beef cattle up to 12 weeks protection against Cattle Tick (Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus). Similar to comparable to Acatak ™

Weaner Drenches

Vetmec LEV Pour-On (levamisole 200g/L) is proving itself time and time again as a ‘mectin resistance buster.

Get all the benefits of a combination drench when you use LEV Pour-On at the same times as Vetmec Pour-On (ivermectin), Vetmec Injection (abamectin) or Vetmec F Injection (ivermectin). Recent studies have shown combining a mectin drench with LEV Pour-On results in 100% efficacy against Black Scour Worm, Barber’s Pole Worm, Cooperia and Ostertagia.

With the prolonged summer and autumn rains, this ‘double active’ drenching strategy is going to be really important to avoid worm problems developing, especially for weaners and first calving heifers from now right through until next winter.

Sheep News

Vetmec MOXIGUARD Long Acting Sheep Injection
$190 + GST
5+ Packs: $180 + GST

Moxiguard Long Acting

With the wet season, we have been banging on about pastures not ‘drying out’, and more worms will carry through summer and into autumn. Usually worms don’t survive hot, dry conditions and you get a natural culling. Without those typical summer conditions, larval burden on pastures will need to be managed in other ways.


Vetmec Moxiguard is perfect for use when weaning lambs onto ‘dirty’ paddocks. The lambs will continue to ‘vacuum up’ worm larvae off the pasture without becoming parasitised, hence cleaning up the pasture whilst continuing to be worm free themselves. Giving them an oral primer drench (Vetmec LV + Vetmec Dual) at the same time as the Moxiguard is ‘best practice and highly recommended’ both preventing resistance, as well as improving the effectiveness of Moxiguard.

Autumn Lambing 2022

Paddock Preparation

In case you missed it in our last newsletter, as well as in the introduction to this one, it’s time to start preparing autumn lambing paddocks. Strategic use of Vetmec Moxiguard with a combination primer drench in adult dry stock (wethers or dry ewes) is a good way to do this.

Pre-Lambing Drench

Without doubt, the pre-lambing drench is the most important drench. This will be especially so this year, with most pastures likely to stay green right through until winter. A likely scenario on a number of properties is that ewes carrying worms will be lambing down on paddocks that are already carrying a worm burden. Once a ewe lambs, her worm egg output will increase up to 10 times that of her pre-lambing worm egg output. Unless nipped in the bud, this could lead to catastrophic worm problems in the ewes as well as in the lambs through to weaning.

The answer is a pre-lamb combination drench (Vetmec LV and Vetmec Dual) and Vetmec Moxiguard at the same time. This will clean out the ewe as well as allow the ewe to ‘mop up’ larvae off the pasture without becoming parasitised, hence cleaning up the pasture for when the lambs start grazing.

If you’d like more information, give us a call.

Vetmec Strikemaster

Control sheep blowfly and prevent flystrike this season with Strikemaster. Similar or comparable to CliK ™

Vetmec Strikemaster Spray-On Blowfly Treatment 20L
Vetmec Strikemaster Spray-On Blowfly Treatment 5L

mineral mix being added to vetmec pour on

Vetmec Mineral Mix

Selenium, copper, zinc, cobalt (Vitamin B12) and iodine are all vital for the fundamentals of sheep health.

In times of rapid pasture growth, deficiencies are more common due to differed plant nutrient uptake and sheep grazing habits.

Many of our clients regularly use Vetmec Mineral Mix in their Vetmec sheep drench. In recent years, the importance of certain trace minerals for immune function has become increasingly evident.

Coming in 2022

In out continued dedication to providing responsible parasite advice, Tash has something exciting in the pipeline for our sheep clients in 2022 – stay tuned!!

General News

chemvet z tags

Tag Orders over Christmas

Our ordering and shipping of tag orders, which is normally highly efficient, can be disrupted over the Christmas and New Year period. Due to public holidays, extra pressure on Australia Post as well as Datamars/Z Tags closing their office. For those wanting to tag sheep or cattle over the holiday period, please get your orders in ASAP!

Winners are GRINNERS

You better believe it – Graham Harmon is the lucky winner of our Tru-Test stick reader competition!

Graham has been buying his ZTags through Chemvet for over 10 years and is very happy with their quality. Graham says he is “forever grateful and happy to receive the stick reader, but I really thought someone was having a lend of me!”

We hope he enjoys his Tru-Test SRS2 Stick Reader, and it makes managing his cattle much easier!

If you would like more information about Tru-Test Stick Readers, check out the Tags/Tag Applicators tab or give us a call.

Borders are opening!

With state borders slowly opening up, we’re looking forward to getting out and about again. Geoff is making his way through New South Wales, with plans to go to Queensland in the New Year. Tash is booked in (after rescheduling 3 times!) to go to King Island on the 21st February. As well as plans to visit Flinders Island. If we’re going to be in the area, we’ll be in touch!

Fighting COVID

It has been a long 2 years, but finally things are looking up! Here at Chemvet, everybody has been fully vaccinated since October! We are also doing rapid antigen testing every morning, so we are confident that we are covid free every day that we enter the office. Therefore, reducing the risk of any inconveniences and can continue to delight our customers!

Dog Allwormer

Give your hardworking mates an Xmas treat. Add a pack of our palatable Vetmec Dog Allwormer with your next order. A 10 pack (treats 10 working dogs) is only $30 + GST, and of course is freight free when ordering with other animal health products.

2020-2023 Notebooks

There’s still plenty available, let us know if need one in your next order!

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