Vetmec Mineral Mix

$50.00 + GST

Vetmec Mineral Mix – net contents 440g

Contains: Copper, Cobalt, Iodine and Zinc

Mineral additive for Vetmec LV plus Selenium or Vetmec Dual. Low dose rates!



We can send it pre-mixed into your drench if ordered with Vetmec LV + Selenium. It won’t decrease the shelf life of the drench. Just give the drum a shake before you use it and you’re good to go! Select the pre-mixed option below before you add to cart. Please do not mix with other drench brands.

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Vetmec Mineral Mix is a trace element additive to add to water or Vetmec oral drenches only. Contains copper, cobalt, zinc and iodine.

By adding Vetmec Mineral Mix to your animal husbandry regime, you are providing essential nutrients for your stock and therefore improving health and performance.

Directions for Use

  1. Mix 1 bottle (440g of minerals) with 10L of liquids (Vetmec LV, Vetmec Dual or drinking water)
  2. Shake well to ensure minerals are dispersed.
  3. Dose at the recommended dose rate (1ml per 10kg if mixing with water).

Vetmec Mineral Mix – 4 Major Trace Elements


Copper– Copper is important for the growth of bone and wool. As well as for pigmentation, nerve fibers and white blood cell function. Severe production loss can occur in deficient animals.

Cobalt – Cobalt is a precursor for Vitamin B12. B12 is important for metabolising energy and amino acids (protein). Signs of cobalt deficiency in livestock include ill thrift, poor production and anemia.

Iodine – Iodine deficiency is common throughout Australian soils. This can lead to goitre in lambs, therefore poor lamb survival rates. In addition to improving lambing percentage, preliminary data suggests that this form of iodine supplementation can also aid in reducing the prevalence of foot abscess in sheep.

Zinc – Zinc is an important component of a large number of enzymes. Especially ones involved in protein synthesis, immunity, as well as skin, hair and hoof health.

Trace elements are present in a special chelated form. Compared with other forms, chelates are highly soluble and more readily available to the animal.

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