Chemvet Newsletter Volume 41: Summer 2020

22 Jan, 2021

Australian cows with christmas motive

Dear Clients,

To you and your family, our very best wishes for a safe and happy Xmas and New Year.

The comment from literally hundreds of our clients describe this year, since the ‘early’ break, as the best season that they can remember. The great news is that this solid rainfall pattern throughout most of pastoral Australia since early Autumn 2020 is more than likely to continue throughout the summer.

A moderate to strong ‘La Niña’ event in the Pacific Ocean combined with a negative IOD in the Indian Ocean virtually guarantees an early and significant Monsoon up North and a higher than average rainfall from now through to the autumn across the whole of Australia.

The BOM rainfall prediction map above shows a more than 70% chance of above normal rainfall over this period.

BOM chances of exceeding medium rainfall Dec-March 2021

However, good times don’t last forever! The El Niño/La Niña is generally an Autumn to Autumn event and the IOD in the Indian Ocean is predicted to turn quite strongly positive in March April so there is no guarantee that the Autumn/winter rains that south eastern pastoral Australia rely on will be other than average or could be less than average.

A few ‘take homes’ are that cattle and young sheep prices are going to continue to break the recent records of late. Blowfly in sheep are likely to be a real problem right through to April necessitating long term (+18 months) chemicals like Strikemaster rather than shorter term jetting. Feed reserves carried over from this abundant summer rain to cover a dryish winter/ spring 2021 would be a good idea through increased hay or silage capture or fodder crops or even short- rotation ryegrass added to the pasture renovation mix. Both weaner calves and young lambs will require greater monitoring and most likely extra drenching. Barbers Pole worm could become an issue again particularly in NSW and southern QSLD. Remember that in regard to the last couple of points ‘prevention’ rather than ‘cure’ is the order of the day! That is, monitor and treat early to prevent deaths or production loss rather than wait until the problem has become obvious.

Our section over page regarding combining LEV pour-on with Vetmec Injection or Vetmec Pour on especially in weaner cattle is timely in this regard.

Murray and the team at Chemvet

‘Tis the season for weaners

Tis the season for weaners!

The weaning season down south has arrived and will build right through until March April in NSW and QSLD and the first muster right up north. This is a critical time to get in a ‘resistant busting’ drench so wherever possible combine a ‘resistance busting’ LEV pour-on with your Vetmec or Vetmec F injection or Vetmec ’mectin’ pour-on. Recent trial results showed the value of this two active drench strategy. Treated cattle in a large herd of yearlings (640 head being grown and fattened on grass) put on an extra 6 Kg per head and held this difference over 100 days. At the current fat price of $4.40 this equates to $26 per head. Don’t hesitate to phone Murray if you would like to discuss these results.

Summer Special

Buy 2 or more Vetmec Pour-on before March 31st 2021, and receive a FREE gun(worth $45)!

CHEMVET your trusted supplier of the following economical and high quality products

Don’t get caught out this summer!

Don’t be caught out!! With predicted increased summer rainfall through into the autumn, long term fly protection is a must this season. STRIKEMASTER is a spray-on Blowfly treatment containing 50 g/L Dicyclanil, the equivalent to Clik™. For genuine 6 months fly protection, switch to STRIKEMASTER and save!

Vetmec Bodyguard

Vetmec Bodyguard is an Imidacloprid based Off-shears Pour-on Lousicide equivalent to Avenge™. Bodyguard comes in the award winning ‘non-glug’ 20L container. This product has been in Chemvet’s stable of sheep products for three years now and the client feedback in every case has been the product is 100% effective.

Boost immune function with Vetmec Mineral Mix

mineral mix being added to vetmec pour on

A huge number of clients now regularly use Vetmec Mineral Mix in conjunction with their Vetmec sheep drench. In recent years the importance of certain trace minerals in immune function has become increasingly evident. Selenium, copper, zinc, cobalt (Vitamin B12) and iron have been shown to alter various components of the immune system*. It may well explain in part the added benefit our clients feel they get when adding trace minerals to their drench.

*Speers J.W., ‘Re-evaluation of the Metabolic Essentiality of Minerals- Review’

Dog worming tablets

Give your hard working mates a Xmas treat. Add a pack of our now famous palatable Vetmec Dog Allwormer with your next order. A 10 pack (treats 10 working dogs) is only $30 + GST, and of course freight free when ordering with other animal health products.

Tag orders over Xmas

Remember, our normally very highly efficient ordering and freighting of tag orders, can be disrupted by Public holidays as well as Datamars/Zeetags closing their office over the Xmas/New Year break. For those wanting to tag cattle over the holiday period, please get your orders in early rather than later in the month!

CHEMVET your trusted supplier of the following economical and high quality products

(Almost) two more grandkids!

Murray and Ruth are looking forward, borders willing, to hosting a Christmas breakfast this month, with 5 granddaughters and 3 grandsons – all 5 or under. They recently welcomed Henry Grant and have been waiting patiently (over a week overdue at time of print, and couldn’t wait any longer!) for Murray and Ruth’s daughter Jane to have her third daughter. Murray commented that ‘when he started CHEMVET his three children were all still at school and next year he will have two grand kids about to start their schooling’

New Chemvet Staff Member

Nicole Smith Chemvet Australia
Nicole Smith

Chemvet welcomes Nicole Smith on Board. Nicole has taken a part time warehouse and sales administration position. Nicole is currently studying at Melbourne University with the ultimate goal of gaining entry to Veterinary School. She is already playing a big part in the efficient processing and shipping of clients orders as well as keeping the warehouse in order and taking orders when the phones are busy.

CHEMVET your trusted supplier of the following economical and high quality products

Good luck Tash!

Tash is currently taking a break from Chemvet so she can focus on her final year exams for her Ag Science Degree. She has an exceptionally high grade point average from her previous year to protect, so best of luck Tash! Higher honours or courses are in the pipeline for sure!


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