Bodyguard Applicator Plus Hose

$80.00 + GST

Bodyguard Applicator Plus Hose (6M)


  • 40mL Applicator
  • T-Bar nozzle
  • 6m hose
  • Draw-off tube

For easy application of Vetmec Bodyguard Pour-On Lousicide for Sheep – treat the whole race straight from the Drum without need for backpack!


Bodyguard Applicator Plus Hose allows for streamlined application of Vetmec Bodyguard Pour-On Lousicide for Sheep

Features – Bodyguard Applicator Plus Hose

  • SoftLock valve technology for a faster refilling gun.
  • Offset Barrell Outlet for improved priming.
  • Dial-A-Dose selector with a smooth action and great accuracy.
  • Dose range from 10mL to 40mL in 1mL increments.
  • No product ‘after spurt’ to reduce wastage.
  • Ergonomic handle design.
  • Large diameter hose spigot which helps liquid flow through the gun easier.

How to Use

  • Connect applicator to the product pack by attaching the hose to a draw-off tube.
  • Set the applicator to the maximum dose or to the prime dose (P).
  • To prime, hold the applicator with the nozzle pointing vertically upward. Squeeze the handle and then release to allow the barrel to fill with product. Repeat until all air is expelled from the barrel.
  • Rotate dose selector to the desired dose rate.

Cleaning & Maintenance

  • Remove the draw-off tube from the product pack/drum and empty the content of the applicator and tube.
  • Place the end of the tube into hot, soapy water and flush through the applicator until product is removed. Then flush with clean water.
  • Unscrew the barrel from the fingerbar. Soak the o-ring and felt washer on the plunger with vegetable oil (DO NOT use mineral oil).
  • Re-attach the barrel to the fingerbar and store in a cool, dry place out of direct light.


The Bodyguard Applicator Plus Hose can also be used to apply Avenge + Fly and other similar products.

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