Universal Cattle Tagger

$39.00 + GST

Universal Cattle Tagger (Datamars)

  • For the application of Agri-ID NLIS Round Tags
  • Durable, Swiss quality material
  • Can be used for the universal application of two piece management tags



The Universal Cattle Tagger enables you to place a variety of ear tags in cattle, including the Datamars AGRI-ID Round Tags and a broad range of 2 piece visual tags.

KEY FEATURES – Universal Cattle Ear Tag Applicator

  • Use this manual applicatorĀ to apply the Z Tags range of two piece visual and electronic ear tags, including Agri-ID NLIS Round Tags.
  • The textured handle makes it easy to grip and handle while tagging.
  • Includes a spare pin, stored in the handle compartment.
  • This long-life applicator comes with a safety clip.

Using the Universal Cattle Tagger

  1. Insert the female tag under the clamp. When applying electronic tags, remove the black visual tag adaptor.
  2. Place the male tag completely and firmly onto the applicator pin.
  3. Dip the applicator holding the ear tag into antiseptic or disinfectant solution, to avoid the risk of infection.
  4. Place the applicator at the center of the animal’s ear (with the male tag entering form the back of the ear) and apply the tag firmly until the ear is perforated and the tag is locked.
  5. IMPORTANT: Always apply the male tag entering from the back (outside) of the ear. Position of the ear tag must be at the center of the ear and between the main two rows of ear cartilage.

Replacement Parts

  • Male tag holder pin: $2.36 + GST – call us on 1800 243 683 to order.

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