Chemvet Newsletter Volume 32: Summer 2017

7 Dec, 2017

All the best for a happy and safe Xmas and a prosperous New Year in 2018 from all of us at Chemvet Australia

No predictions for 2018 as we only scored 2/4 on our predictions for 2017. However a great spring season down south and great cattle and sheep prices all over were a couple of good ones to get!

Outlook rain wise is not looking good up north with minimal chances of receiving an average summer rainfall. Down south could be OK though with La Nina conditions building.

Whatever the outcome, please accept our very best wishes for a happy and safe Xmas and a prosperous New Year in 2018 from all of us at Chemvet Australia

Kind regards

Murray, Geoff, Diana, Ruth and staff

Tis the season for weaners!

‘Tis the season for weaners!

The weaning season down south has arrived and will build right through to March-April up north with weaning of spring born calves in NSW and the first muster right up north.

This is a critical time to get in a resistance busting drench. Wherever possible combine a ‘resistance busting’ Vetmec LEV Pour-on with your Vetmec or Vetmec F injection or Vetmec Pour-on.


Summer Special

Buy 2 or more Vetmec LEV Pour-on (5L) before January 31st 2018, and receive a FREE gun (worth $45)!


Sheep News

New product on its way…

Chemvet is just a few months away from launching a lice product onto the market.

Vetmec-BODYGUARD-NEW-highly-competitive-FREIGHT-FREE-price-$340The ‘Pour-on Lousicide for Sheep’ is based on Imidacloprid the active chemical in Avenge™ (Bayer) and it will have very similar claims with regards effectiveness.

This is great news for our sheep clients providing them with a cost effective alternative for lice prevention. Some clients have asked us why we haven’t had such a product previously however we wanted to wait until we could produce a product that had the reliability that this Chemical has.

TAG News

Chemvet – your trusted re-seller

Chemvet is by far the largest independent reseller of Zeetag and Datamars sheep and cattle tags in Australia. This means that every day we have multiple contacts with their customer service team which helps to ensure that your tag orders run as timely and smoothly as possible.

Pure black printing option – now available

The printing on our Laser printed tags is very high quality – the laser reacts with the plastic of the tag to produce a black pigment. The beauty is that this printing won’t peel or fade. However, the black is not “pure black”, and for some clients they want ‘stand out’ pure black printing on their tags. As an option on our Zee Tag range of management tags clients can have pure black inkjet printing (at extra cost). If this is your choice, please also allow for a couple of extra days for processing.

Year colours

A frequently asked question is the year colour for both sheep and cattle tags. Here it is for the next few years…

Ordering Tags over Xmas period

Please note that our tag suppliers and printers will be effectively closed between 24th December to 2nd January and only fully back into production 9th January. Please get you tag orders in without delay if you require tags over the Xmas break or early in the New Year!!

Xmas Gift Notepad Fridge Magnet
Xmas Gift Notepad Fridge Magnet


We have really gone low tech this year!! The gift for those who have purchased off us throughout 2017 is a handy list pad that has a magnet on the back so it can be stuck to the fridge, filing cabinet or whatever.

By the way we still have some 2017-18 note books available – last year’s gift. If you would like one or two for 2018 just mention it with your next order.

Christmas holiday period availability

We all know that farming and animal husbandry is a 24 hour, 365 days per year job. The farm can’t shut down for a holiday break!

Therefore remember that Chemvet doesn’t either. The office will be manned on all working days throughout the Xmas and New Year period. The phones are always switched through to one of our mobiles after hours, during the weekend or on public holidays so we are always available to process an order or to give advice. We also receive an alert when any orders are placed over the Internet so these are attended to 24/7 as well. So no matter what day or time of day it is over the break, if you have a query or an order, don’t hesitate to give us a call and someone will be available to assist you.

Just remember to get your order in early as unlike Chemvet, our couriers and Australian Post tend to have plenty of days off over this period. Note: as mentioned on previous page, our tag suppliers and printers will be effectively closed between 24th December to 2nd January and only fully back into production 9th January.

New addition this Christmas

Murray & Ruth are looking forward to hosting Christmas with their 3 granddaughters this year (pictured here with Frankie & Chloe) – with a fourth boy or girl due to drop as we go to print! Hopefully there will be many more to come with their son Ian recently engaged and getting married in March (amazing to think he was just 6 years old when Chemvet was founded in 1993!)

Geoff – he’s done it!

Our intrepid sales and marketing manager may not have done the breadth of Australia, but in his first year he has certainly done the ‘length’ of Australia. From the Gulf in the North to Dover Tasmania to the South. He has even thrown a very enjoyable trip to King Island in there as well. Geoff is loving catching up with clients and making sure that our products and service delivery maintain their already excellent standard. Remember Geoff is always only a phone call away on 0407 660 484.

Murray McLarenVale Murray McLaren

It is with great sadness we report that Murray McLaren has passed away after prolonged ill health. Murray played a significant role in the Chemvet story. He was an experienced parasitological technician employed by Youngs Animal Health for many years and when he retired he assisted in the early trial work at Chemvet. He was also instrumental in getting Ron Palmer on the Chemvet team, and many of you would have met him when he assisted Ron at field days.


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