Chemvet Newsletter Volume 31: Winter 2017

4 Jun, 2017

Dry Spring PredictedDry Spring Predicted

The map to the right shows the chances of average rainfall over the months of August through to October. According to the map, the BOM are predicting that the chances of a drier than normal spring are high for most of Australia except for Tasmania, a band up through central Queensland and south western Victoria.

Following on from a generally dry winter let’s hope that things don’t quite pan out as predicted! Planning for lack of a spring rain though could be prudent.

Farm Safety – Please stay safe!

Last month the accidental ‘on farm’ death of a person known well to Chemvet brings home the dangers of our farms as a work place. In Victoria alone the death toll from work place accidents on farms has reached 10 already.

30% of all work place deaths in Victoria are on farms despite Agriculture only employing 3% of the work force. The same statistics no doubt would ring true with serious injuries. A cry goes out to all our clients and friends out there to please recognize the inherently dangerous nature of the workplace and tackle farm safety issues head on. Remember ‘cutting corners can cost lives’.

Geoff off to a flying start!Geoff off to a flying start!

Geoff Grace took over from Ron earlier in the year and has already covered large chunks of territory and met a considerable number of clients. His overwhelming impression has been that it is so nice to deal and interact directly with the client as opposed to repping to a rural store and to ensure that our products and service delivery maintain their already excellent standard.

Geoff is virtually full time on the road so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have a problem or want him to visit 0407 660 484.

Kind regards, Murray

Autumn 2017 drop…

Murray and Ruth welcomed the arrival of a new grand-daughter Chloe Camilla Grant, born May 2017. They have also just had the great news of an early summer drop (grandkid number 4) on the way…


Diana recently celebrated 4 years smoke free which is a fantastic effort. The money saved being directed into a very active gym membership must equal immeasurable health benefits.


A recent visit showed the recently retired Ron in great spirits however he hasn’t shown his breed preference just yet!

He has a small herd of springing Murray Grey heifers joined to a Murray Grey bull plus some Hereford heifers joined to an Angus bull with a Limousin x Short Horn bull sitting in the bull paddock ready to join them once they have all calved. Talk about hybrid vigour!

Ronnie from Chemvet

Vetmec Cattle Injection


Vetmec Antiparasitic Cattle Injection 500mL

$135 +GST per pack


Buy 1-4 packs Pay $125 Save $10 per pack
Buy 5-9 Packs Pay $125 Save $10 per pack plus get FREE gun, needles & dog worming tables
Buy 10+ Packs Pay $120 Save $15 per pack plus get FREE gun, needles & dog worming tables
**Special ends 30th September 2017**

Vetmec LEV – Cattle resistance buster!

There has been a fantastic response to the launch of this product 12 months ago with a large number of clients now adding this product to their drench repertoire.

Remember that it is now settled science that as far as combatting parasite resistance is concerned, it is better to use a combination of actives all the time than periodically rotating between drenches with different actives.

Vetmec LEV has been produced for exactly this reason!

We recommend very strongly (especially when drenching weaners and growing stock up until around 18 – 24 months of age) this product be used in conjunction with Vetmec Injection, Vetmec Pour-on or Vetmec F. ie both products are to be used at the same time.

We have found Abamectin, the active ingredient in Vetmec Injection, is standing up to cattle worms very well in the vast majority of cases but we want to keep it that way!!

As with our very successful ‘three way drench strategy’ in sheep this ‘two way drench strategy’ will work a treat ensuring your cattle drench will remain effective for years to come.

Vetmec LEV Pour-on for cattle 5L Vetmec-LEV-Pour-on-for-cattle-5L-Only-72-cents-per-300-kg-weaner

5L – $240 +GST


adult liver fluke
Adult liver fluke

August – “AA” for effective fluke treatment

The two months for the most effective fluke treatment are the two “A’s” – April & August. This is because these two months are when the majority of fluke are adults in the liver, which is the best time to hit them for a six.

Treat cattle in fluke prone areas with Vetmec F this month for “top of the line” fluke and worm control.

Tag NEWS! Enter our competition!

We want to find out what you think is the BEST thing about ordering Zee tags from Chemvet…

Send us your response (by 30th September 2017) by emailing or like/follow us on Facebook and post your answer there! We have two prizes to give away to the top two answers worth over $300. Prize includes 50 x NLS tags and our market leading No Tear Tagger! Winners will be announced in next newsletter.2019-21 pocket notebook

FREE Notebooks

Every 2nd year around Christmas we send out to all clients who have purchased from us throughout the year, our ever popular Vetmec pocket notebook. We still have quite a bit of stock of the 2017-18 edition available, so give us a call or mention it with your next order if you would like any extras sent out.

Note from Accounts…

It is really fantastic that a large number of clients pay their accounts by EFT.

Just a reminder to the very few that don’t, when EFT’ing – please put your invoice number or name as a reference when making the payment. Even if you are going into the branch to get them to send the payment ask them to put a reference (invoice no or name) with the payment. Makes it easy for us to identify your payment at our end.


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