Chemvet Newsletter Volume 28: Spring 2016

6 Sep, 2016

Dear Clients,

Things have finally changed for the good weather wise.

Predictions for a wetter than normal winter, over most of the grazing areas of Australia have come to fruition with virtually all areas receiving decent rainfall over the last 3 months.

Livestock and wool prices continue to climb and are looking very solid for the foreseeable future.

One thing that we hope will never change is Chemvet’s well priced excellent products, renowned service and great advice to its clients!


A big thanks to everyone for giving the latest addition to our range, Vetmec LEV a good initial acceptance since its launch a few months ago. Of course to those who haven’t yet taken up on it we will keep on harping on about the fact that it’s better to use this product in conjunction with your ‘mectin before and not after a resistance problem begins to raises its head.

Cheers, Murray and the team at Chemvet

Yes, we’re still talking about it…

Vetmec LEV – Cattle resistance buster!

Our opening remarks on the front page argue that any extra cost incurred in maintaining the effectiveness of our currently effective drenches should be viewed as a sound investment for the reasons listed.

It is now settled science that that as far as combating resistance is concerned, it is better to use a combination of actives all the time than periodically rotating between drenches with different actives.

Vetmec LEV Pour-on for cattle 5L

Therefore we recommend very strongly that when drenching weaners and growing stock up until around 18 – 24 months of age this product be used in conjunction with Vetmec Injection, Vetmec Pour-on or Vetmec F.

Resistance to the mectin drenches by the worm Cooperia has been in the news quite a lot. We have found Abamectin, the active ingredient in Vetmec Injection, is standing up to this parasite very well in the vast majority of cases but we want to keep it that way!!

As with our very successful ‘three way drench strategy’ in sheep this ‘two way drench strategy’ will work a treat ensuring your drench will remain effective for years to come.

Dog News

Change of season = time to worm

Several of our sheep clients have had reports back from the abattoirs of carcase condemnation due to sheep measles. This is a disease that, like its close relation hydatids, is spread by dogs harbouring the causative tapeworm. Regular worming of all dogs on the property is essential and will go a long way in preventing this problem.

As mentioned previously a good way of remembering when to dose your dogs for worms and hydatid prevention is to do so at the beginning of each of the seasons. Spring is here so time to dose the dogs. Dogs love the liver flavour of Chemvet Allworming tablets and

Vetmec Palatable Allwormer Tablets for Dogs 10 TabletsConvenient farmer size pack – 10 tablets

Convenient dose size – 1 tablet treats most dogs (1 tab/20kg)

Dogs love the liver flavour

Effective – Treats all worms* and hydatids

Sheep News

The Quarantine Drench

The importance of giving a quarantine drench to all sheep coming onto the property using a combination of drench actives is more important than ever especially with a wet summer looming and the widespread prevalence of drench resistance in Barbers pole worm, a worm that just loves wet summers. Using our very cost effective 3 way drench along with Zolvix (giving a ‘four way’) is the way to go for an effective quarantine drench

Also in many areas during the drought, properties were partially or fully destocked. Due to the dry, all existing worm larvae on these destocked areas would have perished. This means that any worms brought in by new or returning sheep from agistment will be dominant. If these worms are resistant to drenches, the drench resistance status your property can go from a good to a bad situation very quickly.

A frequent question that we are asked is “How should sheep be treated in the period immediately after administering the Quarantine Drench?”. Our advice is to hold the sheep in a bare area such as a yard holding area and with provision of feed and water for 4 days after the quarantine drench. If they have to go onto a green or grassed area over this period then if at all possible heavily graze this area with cattle prior to the reintroduction of sheep at a later date.

Tag News

New Ordering System

As the largest reseller of Datamars and Zee Tags we have been selected to pilot the new Zee Tag electronic ordering system. Whilst streamlining the ordering process a handy feature is the instant tag layout confirmation which we can email to clients for their approval

Victorian clients who buy their NLIS tags through the Government system remember that we can still supply and synchronise your management tags as long as you let us know at the same time as ordering your NLIS tags.

One of our clients (located in Victoria) ordered a large run of several thousand Zee Tag ‘one piece’ tags that are surplus to their requirements (due to the cancellation of a program). Anyone interested phone Ron to discuss the heavily discounted pricing of these tags.

Sheep Tags

Since their reintroduction FET and PAZ sheep NLIS tags are proving popular and sales are continuing to grow. Phone Ron to discuss your requirements.

Sale continues…

Vetmec Pour-on

Due to the great response we have been able to maintain the special pricing on our Vetmec Pour-on range – a quality oil based ‘pour-on’ drench that has virtually no odour for both Beef and Dairy cattle with nil milk withholding! Treat and control all with the one application: Worms, Lice, Mange, Ticks, Buffalo fly. Offer extended until 31st October 2016.

Taste of Tassie

Murray & his wife Ruth recently visited Ruth’s brother in Dover, South East Tasmania. He’d love to say he caught the salmon…but he picked up a beauty from the local salmon farm and smoked it at home – it was delicious and washed down with a great Tassie wine. Local cheese and bread completed the feast!

Poster girl for post-its

Murray’s granddaughter Francesca (Frankie) hung out at the Chemvet office for a few days and caused a bit of a stir with her obsession for post-it notes. Unfortunately it will be quite a few more years before she’ll be able to answer the phone and take down orders on them…

Diana – 3 years smoke free

Diana is celebrating 3 years since quitting cigarettes – her main motivation was for her health but we calculated in the office that she would have saved over $9K to date which is a pretty good bonus!


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