Chemvet Newsletter Volume 27: Winter 2016

6 Sep, 2016

Dear Clients,

It’s great news that most areas have finally got some decent rain in late Autumn. For some, it was a case of ‘better late than never’, but welcome never the less. New England unfortunately is still very dry. The good news is that according to the Bureau it is highly likely that the vast majority of areas will exceed normal rainfall over the next 3 months and an even chance all areas will exceed their normal rainfall. This, however, means that worms could be a bit of an issue over winter and spring..

In our last newsletter we announced the release of Vetmec LEV as a resistance fighter to combat the chance of resistance to the’mectin drenches in cattle. This product is designed to be used at the same time as using a ‘mectin product (Vetmec Injection, Vetmec Pour-on, Vetmec F) in your cattle.

The resulting ‘two-way’ drenching is a way of ensuring there is no drench resistance building up in your cattle or on your property. If a worm is starting to develop resistance to the ‘mectin product then the LEV will ‘knock it off’ preventing its survival and propagation of resistance worms. This follows the extremely successful ‘3 way’ drenching strategy used by virtually 100% of our sheep producer clients.

Maintaining the effectiveness of your ‘mectin drench, even if it costs a bit more to do so, is a good investment because:

  1. No new drench to our knowledge has appeared in the scientific or patent literature meaning there is at least a number of years before one will (if at all) appear on the market. Therefore we need to maintain the effectiveness of the drenches we have at all costs
  2. Even if one does come on the market the cost will be many times that of the current available worm drenches

Resistance to the ‘mectin drenches by the worm Cooperia has been in the news quite a lot. We have found Abamectin, the active ingredient in Vetmec Injection, is standing up to this parasite very well in the vast majority of cases but we want to keep it that way!! This ‘two way drench strategy’ will work a treat ensuring your drench will remain effective for years to come.

In this edition of our newsletter we’ve included our current product range (plus a few specials) – remember we’re always available to provide professional advice on your parasite program. Just give us a call on 1800 243 683.


Murray & the Team at Chemvet

Vetmec Antiparisitic Cattle Injection

Vetmec Antiparisitic Cattle Injection is a non-sting, Abamectin based antiparasitic injection effective against a broad range of internal and external parasites including gastro-intestinal roundworms, lungworms and sucking lice. It also aids in the control of cattle tick & buffalo fly.Independent studies have shown the Vetmec formulation to have a similar persistent activity to that of other similar types of injectable products. Click here to read more and to order.

Vetmec F Antiparisitic Cattle Injection

Vetmec F is a non-sting, broad spectrum, ivermectin and clorsulon based anti-parasitic injection for cattle. Includes liver fluke control, and is nil milk withholding.

One injection treats and controls : Worms, Fluke, Lice, Mange, Ticks and Buffalo Fly.

It is currently the most cost effective product on the Australian Market. Click here to read more and to order.


Ideal to use in conjunction with a ‘mectin type drench to ensure that worm resistance is not building in the herd – any worm slipping past the ‘mectin is knocked off by the levamisole.

  • Low dose formulation (only 5 mLs per 100 Kg)
  • Organic Solvent
  • Withholding Period only 3 days (7 days ESI)
  • Doesn’t require backpack – comes with own draw off tube
  • May be used concurrently with other pour-on products

Click here to read more and to order.

Chemvet LEV cattle drench resistance


A quality oil based ‘pour-on’ drench that has virtually no odour for both Beef and Dairy cattle at a very competitive price with nil milk withholding. Low volume formulation – only 25 mL for 500 Kgs, with organic solvents.

Treat and control (for under $2 per head for a 500 Kg adult) with one application: Worms, Lice, Mange, Ticks, Buffalo fly. Click here to read more and see special prices!

“Easy on the gun, easy on the animal”

Vetmec Allwormer for dogs

Vetmec Palatable Allwormer for Dogs is for the treatment and control of roundworm, hookworm, whipworm and tapeworm (Dipylidium caninum) including the hydatids tapeworm (Echinococcus granulosus).

The tablets come in a convenient and economical farmer sized pack (treats 10 average sized dogs), dogs love the liver flavour and will eat them out of your hand. Click here to read more and to order.

Vetmec LV plus Selenium

Vetmec LV plus Selenium Oral Drench for Sheep is an effective drench against a wide range of adult and immature worms.

This formulation has added Selenium for the treatment and prevention of selenium deficiencies. The active ingredient Abamectin is very effective and has been shown to remain effective for a time following the emergence of resistance to ivermectin in sheep. Click here to read more and to order.

“Use in conjunction with Vetmec DUAL for a very cost effective ‘resistance braking’ combo!”

Vetmec DUAL

A low volume combination of white and clear drench for sheep and lambs containing Albendazole and levamisole. For the control of Gastrointestinal round worms sensitive to Benzimadazoles and Levamisole including those resistant to either Benzimadazoles or Levamisole.

Also controls Lungworm and Tapeworm (both heads and segments) as well as reducing viable worm eggs (ovicidal). Click here to read more and to order.

“Use in conjunction with Vetmec LV for a very cost effective ‘resistance braking’ combo!”

Vetmec Mineral Mix

Fully mineralised additive to drench alongside Vetmec LV plus Selenium or Vetmec Dual. Vetmec Mineral Mix contains 4 major trace elements: Copper, Cobalt, Iodine and Zinc. All of these elements are essential for growth, development, health and reproduction in sheep and goats. Each of these trace elements are in a special chelated form which are highly soluble and readily available to the animal compared with other forms of these trace elements. Click here to read more and to order

“Only 2.5c per 50kg Sheep or Goat.”

NLIS Cattle Tags

Highest quality tags on the market

Chemvet is the largest Australian independent reseller of the ‘Datamars’ and ‘Zee tag’ range of NLIS tags. Both the Datamars (round or triangle) and Z Tag (round) NLIS tags are of the highest quality with all the characteristics that lead to the highest readability and retention rates. Datamars (round and triangle) can be applied with a universal or Alflex applicator or in the case of the round tags the robust herdsman applicator. Z tag NLIS tags can be applied with the famous Z tag ‘no tear applicator’. Click here to read more and to order your tags from Chemvet.

“Simple and highly personalised ordering service where every effort is made to ensure ‘hassle free’ and ‘on time’ delivery”

Management Tags

Customise your order

Chemvet sells the Zee Tag range of Management tags. The most popular tags for the breeder/producer are the two piece (tag and button). Z Tag “no tear tags’ are applied with the famous Z Tag “no tear Tagger”. Tags are available in the extra large (XL) and Large format (L) and of course in the full range of colours.

Tags are laser printed for everlasting “Hi-Vis” printing and numbering. For the backgrounder or feed lotter Z tag or Datamars “fast Stocker”one piece tags are the more preferred option. Click here to read more and to order your management tags from Chemvet.

Sheep NLIS Tags

Dual Purpose

The Datamars ‘wrap around’ FET Tag is a dual purpose tag in that it can also be supplied with an imbedded RFID*. In addition to the PIC, the Property name and Johnes status can in most cases be included in the printing. The PAZ tag is applied with the popular and highly efficient PAZ pump action gun.

Both tags come in the usual full range of colours. Click here to read more and to order your sheep tags from Chemvet.

Chemvet Accessories

Chemvet also stocks a number of accessories to compliment our pharmaceutical range including: injector guns and needles, pour on applicators, slapshots, collapsible drenching back packs, cattle prodders, tag applicators and NLIS readers. Click here to see the full range and to order these cost effective products.



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