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Xmas 2012 Chemvet Newsletter: Volume 17

Please accept our very best wishes for a happy & safe xmas and a prosperous new year!

From Murray, Ron, Diana & Jane

Xmas Gift

For those who have purchased from us over the past year, we have continued with our tradition of a handy Xmas gift.The Vetmec “top pocket\” note books have been such a hit the last couple of times we decided to go with them once again this year.For those who have missed out we have plenty of extras to ensure that any clients who didn’t get to purchase our products last year will get one with their 1st order in 2013. Make sure you mention you want one when you make the order!Likewise, if anyone wants extra for managers/staff etc just mention it when you make your next order..

12 years!

December this year marks the 12th full year of production and sale of our flagship Vetmec Antiparasitic Cattle Injection.Both to celebrate the occasion and reward the fantastic supporters of this product we are offering a FREE GUN (worth $38.50) for any purchase of 5 or more packs of Vetmec Antiparasitic Cattle Injection made in December (order online and make sure you mention the special at checkout). Buy 10 or more packs and receive a free gun and needles PLUS 1 bonus pack (buy 10, receive 11 & Save over $190!!)

Production and Herd or Flock Health Advice

“Drench breakdowns\” both cattle and sheep

Failure of stock to thrive after drenching is not always a drench problem!

With such a focus on drench resistance these days (and quite rightly so) after drenching a poorly doing mob or herd, many will automatically put any failure to pick up and thrive after drenching down to a failure of the drench treatment.

Several cases that we have investigated lately have reminded us that this is often not the case and that the initial cause of the ill-thrift or the subsequent failure of improvement after drenching has been associated with causes other than worms.

Don’t hesitate to phone for advice if you feel that your drenching strategy or treatments haven’t been effective, and you require further investigation into why this might be the case.

Dr Murray Grant

Sale continues into 2013…

Great news we have been able to extend this fantastic deal on our 10L Vetmec Pour On!!


Just a reminder that along with the triangular and round NLIS tags, we also have available high quality visual management tags at a great price. Colours available include blue, green, orange, pale blue, purple, red, white & yellow. Price includes male button and up to 3 lines of crisp laser printing at no extra cost! There is a rapid turn around on orders and standard $10 delivery fee for all orders no matter the size. Ordering is easy – just give us a call or order via our website! With our “Retention Guarantee\” offer*, when you order >100 NLIS triangular “tough tags\”, you can get matching management tags for only $0.20c per tag (standard or maxi)!

$1.00 +GST
(ONLY $0.20c with retention guarantee*)

$1.35 +GST
(ONLY $0.20c with retention guarantee*)

GES3S Reader


  • Reads NLIS Tags + Data Collector
  • Bluetooth
  • Stores up to 1M records (1GB)
  • Program 20 fields of data
  • Big display screen 100%
  • Water & dust proof

$1330 (GST Incl) $1262 (GST Incl)


Vetmec 15mL Sheep Drench Guns

The only chink in the armour of this fantastic sheep drenching gun is that the front valve occasionally gets blocked with particular matter, causing the gun to lose suction.All you need to do if this happens is clean the valve assembly and you’ll be back in business. Take a look at our article here for easy to understand instructions how to dismantle gun and clean the front valve or give us a call and request one be sent to you (1800 243 683).

click to download .pdf

Cattle Prodders

Just a reminder that we have a handy low priced cattle prodder(‘jigger’ for all those Queenslanders out there) available.Features Include:

  • Generates a high voltage output while requiring the lowest battery input. (The Output/Input ratio is claimed to be at least twice as much other prodders)
  • Removable sealed motor and leading edge technology with 12 months warranty.
  • High and Low power settings as well as buzzer noise only.
  • No electric charge held to prevent accidental shock.
  • Safety clip to prevent unwanted operation.
  • Uses only 4 x C size batteries.
  • Rock solid tips and shaft virtually unbreakable under normal conditions. Give it a try!
Price: $115.00 + GST

Holiday Period Availability

We all know that farming and animal husbandry is a 24 hour, 365 days per year job. Farm’s can’t shut down for a holiday break!

Therefore, Chemvet doesn’t either. The office will be manned on all working days throughout the Xmas and New Year period.

The phones are always switched through to one of our mobiles after hours, during the weekend or on public holidays so we are always available to process an order or to give advice. We also receive an alert when any orders are placed over the Internet so these are attended to 24/7 as well. So no matter what day or time of day it is over the break, if you have a query or an order, don’t hesitate to give us a call and someone will be available to assist you.

Having said all the above, our freight options will be very limited Tuesday 25th, Wednesday 26th December and Tuesday 1st January as these are public holidays. If you feel that you will need product around these times it may pay to get your order in now so that it’s on hand and ready to go when you need it.


Murray took a couple of days leave on the way home from a recent trip visiting clients in Southern Queensland. After a great day of golf at Coolum, he and Ruth ran into and had a chat with a well-known Queensland Character…guess who?