Vetmec Cattle Prodder

Chemvet is always always keeping an eye out for great products that would be useful for our clients.Whilst it is certainly outside our specialty area Chemvet has sourced a great value cattle prodder at a very handy price.We know the suppliers well and are now very comfortable with the product. “Road testing\” of a demo model over a couple of months showed that it stands up to some pretty rugged treatment.Some of the features include:

  1. Generates a high voltage output while requiring the lowest battery input. (The Output/Input ratio is claimed to be at least twice as much other prodders)
  2. Removable sealed motor and leading edge technology, the only kind on the market with a 12 month motor warranty.
  3. High and Low power settings as well as buzzer noise only.
  4. No electric charge held to prevent accidental shock.
  5. Safety clip to prevent unwanted operation.
  6. Uses only 4 C size batteries.
  7. Rock solid tips and shaft virtually unbreakable under normal conditions.
Price: $115.00 + GST