Chemvet Newsletter Volume 29: Summer 2016

7 Dec, 2016

All the best for a happy and safe Xmas and a prosperous New Year in 2017 from all of us at Chemvet Australia

Chemvet’s New Years prediction: ‘Trump effect zero, good rains right across the north, good early autumn break down south and cattle and sheep prices through the roof!!’

Note – we have a BIG news announcement on the last page – marking the ‘end of an era’…

Kind regards,

Murray, Ron Diana and Staff

Product Highlight

Vetmec Antiparasitic Cattle Injection 500mLVetmec Antiparasitic Cattle Injection

Order > 5 packs 
will reduce price to $125+GST

VETMEC injection for cattle is a non-sting, Abamectin based antiparasitic injection effective against a broad range of internal and external parasites including gastro-intestinal roundworms, lungworms and sucking lice. It also aids in the control of cattle tick.

Independent studies have shown the Vetmec formulation to have a similar persistent activity to that of other similar types of injectable products such as IVOMEC ® & DECTOMAX ®.

Vetmec LEV

Thank you resistance busters!

A big thankyou to the great response we have had to this new product and cattle drench resistance strategy.

Many have taken up the cudgel and ordered this product to use at the same time as their Vetmec Pour-on or Vetmec F or Vetmec injection ensuring that these great drenches remain effective for years to come. Couple of comments along the lines of “long time since I’ve seen the cattle so clean” Keep it going!!


Vetmec F News

Draw off tube update

It has been brought to our attention that on the odd occasion with the draw-off assemblies in the Vetmec F packs the draw off tube is coming away from the blue draw-off cap. This issue has been brought to the attention of the well known Aussie company who manufactures this component for us and the necessary improvement has been made.

We are now shipping product with the improved draw-off assembly.

If you have Vetmec F on hand and would like us to post out improved Draw-off assemblies simply give us a ring and they will be on their way.

Dog Wormers

Time to treat the dogs again

We say it all the time… but a good way of remembering when to worm your dogs and provide a decent cover against the hydatid tape worm is to simply worm at every change of season: Summer (Xmas), Autumn (Easter), Winter (Queens birthday) and Spring (footy finals).

Add Vetmec worm tabs to your next order and give the dogs a treat!

Convenient farmer size pack – 10 tablets

Convenient dose size – 1 tablet treats most dogs (1 tab/20kg)

Palatable – liver flavoured

Effective – Treats all worms* and hydatids

2019-21 pocket notebookFREE Gifts

Every 2nd year around Christmas we send out to all clients who have purchased from us throughout the year, our ever popular Vetmec pocket note book. For all those who have bought during 2016 the 2016-17 edition is included with this newsletter. If you haven’t received one or want extras just give us a call or mention it with your next order and we will send one out to you.

Note from Accounts…

We are now sending out a lot of invoices by email. Initially some clients were emailed their invoices by default if we had their email address on file however we have now ceased this practice as we noted a number of clients don’t check their emails very often and our email gets lost.

Please don’t hesitate to say how you’d like to receive your invoices – by post or email when you place your order. We are happy to send our invoices either way and especially – whatever suits our clients best.

Christmas holiday period availability

We all know that Farming and animal husbandry is a 24 hour, 365 days per year job. The farm can’t shut down for a holiday break!

Therefore remember that Chemvet doesn’t either. The office will be manned on all working days throughout the Xmas and New Year period. The phones are always switched through to one of our mobiles after hours, during the weekend or on public holidays so we are always available to process an order or to give advice. We also receive an alert when any orders are placed over the Internet so these are attended to 24/7 as well. So no matter what day or time of day it is over the break, if you have a query or an order, don’t hesitate to give us a call and someone will be available to assist you.

Just remember to get your order in early as unlike Chemvet, our couriers and Australian Post tend to have plenty of days off over this period.

Tag Orders

Custom-Cattle-Management-TagsPlease note that our tag suppliers and printers will be effectively closed between 24th December to 2nd January and only fully back into production 9th January. Please get you tag orders in without delay if you require tags over the Xmas break or early in the New Year!!


All good things must come to an end as the saying goes.

Ron has announced his pending retirement effective at the end of March next year. He has bought a farm at Beeac south of Melbourne and intends to run some cattle and get a bit more fishing and travel in. He has already organised a big trip up to the Kimberly. We wish Ron & Catherine a happy retirement.

Hopefully, he is not entirely lost to Chemvet or our clients as he plans to come back to help out at a few field days throughout the year.

Ron or Ronnie as he is more affectionately known has been with Chemvet virtually from inception and has clocked up 14 years with the Company. He quickly became an integral part of the Chemvet operation and will be sorely missed by all of us here at Chemvet as well as our clients, many who have become great friends over the journey.

He has been a very hard man to replace but replace him we have – more news on that front in our next newsletter. Lookout for ‘Ronnie II’.


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