Chemvet Newsletter Volume 26: Autumn 2016

5 Mar, 2016

Dear Clients,

Great to see a few districts experiencing a ripper of a year rain and feed wise with quite a few others getting early rains which at least recharged the dams and with follow up may morph into a decent sort of autumn break.

Unfortunately quite a few areas are still very dry so let’s hope those areas up North and West get rains before the Summer is over and that down South (especially Western Victoria) good rains are received over the autumn.

Vetmec LEV – Resistance Fighter

Please read over page about our new product Vetmec LEV pour-on which we announced in our recent Xmas newsletter.

Vetmec LEV Pour-on for cattle 5LThe one simple ’ take home message’ is that this product is to be used at the same time as using your ‘mectin product in your cattle.

The resulting ‘two-way’ drenching is a way of ensuring there is no drench resistance building up in your cattle or on your property. This follows the extremely successful ‘3 way’ drenching strategy used by virtually 100% of our sheep producer Clients.

Maintaining the effectiveness of your ‘mectin drench, even if it costs a bit more to do so, is a good investment because:

  1. No new drench to our knowledge has appeared in the scientific or patent literature meaning there is at least a number of years before one will (if at all) appear on the market. Therefore we need to maintain the effectiveness of the drenches we have at all costs
  2. Even if one does come on the market the cost will be many times that of the current available worm drenches

Cheers, Murray and the team at Chemvet

NEW product!

Vetmec LEV – Cattle resistance buster!

Our opening remarks on the front page argue that any extra cost incurred in maintaining the effectiveness of our currently effective drenches should be viewed as a sound investment for the reasons listed.

Chemvet-Vetmec-LEV-Pour-onIt is now settled science that that as far as combatting resistance is concerned, it is better to use a combination of actives all the time than periodically rotating between drenches with different actives.

Therefore we recommend very strongly that when drenching weaners and growing stock up until around 18 – 24 months of age this product be used in conjunction with Vetmec Injection, Vetmec Pour-on or Vetmec F.

Resistance to the mectin drenches by the worm Cooperia has been in the news quite a lot. We have found Abamectin, the active ingredient in Vetmec Injection, is standing up to this parasite very well in the vast majority of cases but we want to keep it that way!!

As with our very successful ‘three way drench strategy’ in sheep this ‘two way drench strategy’ will work a treat ensuring your drench will remain effective for years to come.

Vetmec LEV Pour-on for cattle 5L
Vetmec LEV 5L – $240 +GST

Only $0.72 per 300 kg weaner!


Sale continues…

Vetmec Pour-on

Due to the great response we have been able to maintain the special pricing on our Vetmec Pour-on range – a quality oil based ‘pour-on’ drench that has virtually no odour for both Beef and Dairy cattle with nil milk withholding! Treat and control all with the one application: Worms, Lice, Mange, Ticks, Buffalo fly. Offer extended until 31st March 2016.

Vetmec Mineral Mix

Immune function

A huge number of clients now regularly use VMM in conjunction with their Vetmec sheep drench.

In recent years the importance of certain trace minerals in immune function has become increasingly evident. Selenium, copper, zinc, cobalt and iron have been shown to alter various components of the immune system*

It is interesting to note that one of the sessions at this years annual Veterinary conference in Adelaide reports on the enhancing effects of trace element supplementation on the immune response in ruminants. It will be an interesting session and may well explain in part the added benefit our clients feel they get when adding trace minerals to their drench.


*Speers J.W., ‘Re-evaluation of the Metabolic Essentiality of Minerals- Review’

TAG News

Zee tag promotion continues…

Chemvet is still able to offer first time users of Zee Tags a free Z2 No Tear Tagger with every first order of over 50 Zee Tag NLIS or Zee Tag visual Tags (Note that this is only available on your first order of these tags).

Of course we will continue to supply the Datamars round and triangle NLIS tags that can be implanted with the universal tag applicator which many clients have.

NLIS Tag Readers

Remember we stock two very economical Datamars NLIS tag readers – technical assistance and advice on connecting to the National NLIS scheme is always on hand – simply give Ron a call.

– Stores up to 1M records 
– Bluetooth 
– USB Charger 
– LED Display 
– Vibrates & Beeps 
– UBS & RS232 Interface 
$759 (GST Incl)
– Reads NLIS Tags + Data Collector 
– Bluetooth 
– Stores up to 1M records (1GB) 
– Program 20 fields of data 
– Big display screen 100% 
– Water & dust proof 
$1330 (GST Incl) 

FREE Gifts 

We have still have some of our 2015/16 Chemvet Pocket Notebooks as well as the Multi Cutter available. Just ask for them to be added to your next order if you would like some extra. 

Dog worming time again! 

A good way of remembering when to worm your dogs and provide a decent cover against the hydatid tape worm is to simply worm at every change of season: Summer (Xmas), Autumn (Easter), Winter (Queens birthday) and Spring (footy finals). 

Vetmec Palatable Allwormer Tablets for Dogs 10 Tablets

Get your Vetmec worm tabs now for their Easter treat! 

 Convenient farmer size pack – 10 tablets 
 Convenient dose size – 1 tablet treats most dogs (1 tab/20kg) 
 Palatable – liver flavoured 
 Effective – Treats all worms* and hydatids 

Got to be a record? 

One of Chemvet’s long-time clients recently sold a mob of bullocks receiving $6.00 per Kg with the per head price averaging out at $2300 per head – would love to hear from anyone who can top this! 

Catch him if you can! 

Ron has a busy schedule over the next couple of months and will be flat out like a lizard drinking… 

Catch up with him at the Mawarra bull sale Monday 4th April, Lardner Farm World 8, 9, 10th April East Gippsland Field Days 29 – 30th April and Agfest (Launceston) 5-7th May.

 Another grandchild… 

It’s a girl! Murray’s daughter Jane gave birth to a baby girl, Vivienne May Bradley, on the 18th February.  This makes Murray a second-time Grandfather to two girls. 

Vivienne May Bradley 


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