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Summer 2011 Chemvet Newsletter


Please accept our very best wishes for a happy and safe Xmas and a prosperous new year!

From Murray, Ron & Staff at Chemvet Australia

2012 – Year of the Dragon & The Farmer!

In Chinese mythology the dragon represents the Emperor (China) and power so it augurs well for China to remain strong and shake off the economic malaise currently effecting Europe. A healthy China means a healthy Australia in economic terms. (although for the cocky the resulting high Aust $ can be a bit of a downside)

The Chinese dragon is said to have the head of an Ox so it should also be a great year for the cattleman! It is also the Australian Year of the Farmer – a year long celebration recognising the significant contribution Agriculture plays to Australia’s economy and prosperity.

Vetmec Palatable Allwormer Tablets for dogs

Give the dogs a Xmas treat – include a pack of Vetmec Allwormer in their Xmas stocking!

Remember that Hydatids is still a big risk on mainland Australian pastoral properties and can be a life threatening disease in humans so if city relatives (especially children) are visiting the farm over the holiday period get them to maintain good hygiene (wash their hands) after handling the farm dogs.

Since our launch of this product in early 2010 we have supplied a staggering 20,000 dog doses of this product to our clients with many repeat orders. This is great because it means many of our clients in pastoral areas recognize the importance of regular worm treatments for the health of their dogs as well as that of them selves, their staff and their family’s.


NLIS Readers

We are now selling two very economical Datamars NLIS tag readers to the Australian market


  • Reads NLIS Tags
  • + Data Collector
  • Bluetooth
  • Stores up to 1M records (1GB)
  • Program 20 fields of
  • data
  • Big display screen
  • 100% water & dust proof

$1330 (GST Incl)



  • Stores up to 1M records
  • Bluetooth
  • USB Charger
  • LED Display
  • Vibrates & Beeps
  • UBS & RS232 Interface

$759 (GST Incl)


Also, panel reader will soon be available at around $2000 per unit

Line up the male spike with the hole prior to tagging.

NLIS Application Hint…

We are getting some reports of tag applicator pins bending.

One way to prevent this is; before applying each tag always check that the tag is in the right position and that the male spike is aligned with the hole in the NLIS or visual tag.

This ensures that the tag locks properly immediately on piercing the ear allowing for easy release of the tag applicator. If this is not done and the animal pulls its head away with the pin still in the tag then the pin will become bent. If the pin does get a bit bent, make sure you straighten it up before applying the next tag.

Dr Murray Grant

Production and Herd or Flock Health Advice

One of the strengths of Chemvet is having an experienced sheep and cattle veterinarian on board who has a very strong background in providing Herd and flock health advice and in particular parasite control programmes.

With the return of years with high rainfall and a couple of wet summers in a row means that there is a lot less margin for error as far as your worm

control programme is concerned.

Whether you have used Chemvet products or not, if you feel that your parasite control programme is in trouble or needs tweaking, please don’t hesitate to give Chemvet a call.

‘Parasite control is just like running a successful footy season’ Dr. Murray Grant says. If you wait until the first game of the season, get

walloped and then try and fix it up as you go through the season then all you will get is disastrous results all season. However if you get a good ‘pre-season’ programme under your belt (ie sound drenching, egg count testing, nutritional and grazing programs from now right through to next Winter) then the you will be able to look forward to minimal troubles through winter and spring and onto weaning.

Why Vetmec Injectable is still the best!

Administration by injection ensures that 100% of the dose is delivered to the subcutaneous area where it readily enters the blood stream. The following data is taken from the Chemvet Study OZY9709 where Abamectin blood levels following Vetmec injection were compared to a APVMA registered commercial pour-on formulation. The results speak for themselves about the effectiveness of Vetmec Antiparasitic Cattle Injection. Being abamectin is also an added bonus!

Holiday Period Availability

We all know that Farming and animal husbandry is a 24 hour, 365 days per year job. The farm can’t shut down for a holiday break!

Therefore Chemvet doesn’t either. The office will be manned on all working days throughout the Xmas and New Year period.

Also the phones are always switched through to one of our mobiles after hours, during the weekend or on public holidays so we are always available to process an order or to give advice. We also receive an alert when any orders are placed over the Internet so these are attended to 24/7 as well. So no matter what day or time of day it is over the break, if you have a query or an order, don’t hesitate to give us a call and someone will be available to assist you.

Having said all the above, our freight options will be very limited Monday 26th and Tuesday 27th December and Monday 2nd January as these are public holidays. If you feel that you will need product around these times it may pay to get the order in mid December so that it’s on hand ready to go when you need it.

Milford Sound

Chemvet NEWS

Murray decided to test the surgeons skills (ankle reconstruction last year) and with his wife Ruth has signed up to walk the Milford track in the south island of New Zealand in March 2012. Training has already started!