Sheep Worms & Lice

25 Sep, 2018

One of the biggest risks to the health of a flock of sheep is an infestation of parasites; worms in particular. According to a 2011 report, these pests also cost the sheep and wool industry more than $260 million dollars a year, so there is clearly a strong financial incentive to controlling them. Chemvet is proud to stock a quality range of parasite control products for sheep.

About sheep worms

There are numerous types of worms that can infect sheep; roundworm, brown stomach worm, black scour worm, large bowel worm, Barber’s Pole Worm and tapeworm being just a few. Signs of infestation include scouring, ill thrift, deaths and losses, bottle jaw (i.e. noticeable swelling under the jaw), a humped back brought about by abdominal pain, pneumonia, anaemia, lethargy and loss of appetite and significant weight loss among many others. There are several diagnostic tests available that confirm their presence, with the worm egg count (WEC) test being among the most common.

The correct use of the correct sheep drench is crucial for the successful and sustained worm control program and the prevention of drench resistance to the currently available sheep drenches on your property

Chemvet’s highly experienced in-house Veterinarian is always available for professional advice on your sheep worm control program and can recommend the correct sheep drench to use and the correct times to worm drench your sheep

Protect your stock from sheep worms with products from Chemvet. We deliver right across Australia.


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