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Sheep News 2010

NEW! Vetmec Dual

Vetmec Dual Oral Drench for Sheep and Lambs is as the name suggests a combination of a white and a clear drench. It is a low volume formulation containing Albendazole and Levamisole.

Vetmec dual is highly effective against tapeworms so this may be the answer for those of you who wish to treat for this parasite in your lambs.

COMBINE! to fight resistance. Many sheep producers use a dual white and clear drench concurrently with our Vetmec LV plus selenium to produce a very economical ‘resistance breaking’ 3 way combination drench.

Most parasitologists and advisors are now recommending the continual use of a combination of effective drenches rather than drench rotation to combat worm drench resistance. Therefore with this drench we are providing a more complete solution to your sheep drenching needs.

This combination, in conjunction with good management techniques, such as monitoring worm burdens with faecal egg counts, good grazing techniques etc. etc. may provide the solution for many years to come and enable you to ‘keep up your sleeve’ any new highly expensive drench class about to come onto the market.

NEW! Vetmec Mineral Mix

Many of our sheep producers have asked for a fully mineralised additive to drench along side our popular Vetmec LV plus selenium. In response we have produced Vetmec Mineral Mix which contains a number of essential trace elements for sheep and goats. Vetmex Mineral Mix contains Copper, Cobalt, Iodine and Zinc.

Each of these trace elements are in a special chelated form which are highly soluble and readily available to the animal compared with other forms of these trace elements. Vetmec Mineral Mix can be mixed with 10L of water, or many producers are simply adding the mix to a 10 L drum of Vetmec LV. If mixed with Vetmec LV plus Selenium the resulting mixture has been shown to remain stable for up to 2 years.

Vetmec Mineral Mix is priced at $50 + GST or only 2.0 cents per adult sheep (50 Kg)