Zee Tag Visual Tags

ZeeTag-Large1 Key Features:

  • Lightweight
  • Superior retention. The Z2 no tear tags™ design and its flexible material ensures that the tag will not snag and pull out, or break off
  • Its free rotating design allows the tag to hang correctly to ensure better readability from the front and back of the animal’s ear
  • Reusable
  • Suitable for cattle, deer and sheep
  • Apply with Z2 no tear tagger™

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Z2 no tear tags™ are available in 9 colours:
Yellow, Purple, Pink, White, Dark Blue, Red, Green, Orange and Black.



Z2 no tear tags™ female tags are available  in extra large, large and medium sizes. Male tags are also available in button size.

Extra large and large sizes can be custom printed with Ink Jet Black and Laser Print and medium tag sizes with Laser Print only.


Tag Applicator:

no-tear-tagger Key Features:

  • The unique double action snap back arm and flick out of the Z2 no tear tagger™:
    • Enhances health and safety for the animal and the farmer
    • Eliminates the compression of ears on application
    • Eliminates ripped ears
  • Ergonomic handles allows you to tag the animal’s ear either from the front or the back
  • Highly recommended for tagging cattle, sheep, deer and older animals
  • Strong, durable and reliable
  • Spare pin is included with each tagger in the lower handle for easy access
  • Designed to apply NLIS approved tags for cattle and Z2 no tear tags™ (two piece tags).


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