Vetmec 12mL Injector

Accurate and durable ‘Dial a dose’ injector from 1 mL to 12 mL in 0.5 mL increments. New improved needle hub.


  • NRG Cap (needle release grip) “new and improved”
  • REVERSE Dial-a-Dose selector (no wastage of product on adjustment!)
  • 1 – 12 mL in 0.5 mL increments
  • Dose Indicator window
  • Dual size spigot 4.6mm & 6.4mm for different sized delivery tubes
  • Handle spring covers
  • Soft Grip finger bar
  • Modern inlet/outlet valve design
  • Drencher option available
  • Range of Pour-on nozzles available
  • Long stroke length for greater accuracy