Z Tags NLIS Post Breeder Tags

$3.03$4.40 + GST

Z Tags NLIS Post Breeder Tags

  • To identify introduced livestock that are not already identified with an electronic tag, or that have lost their original tag.
  • Apply with the Z2 No-Tear Tagger
  • Comes with an orange male button tag, printed with ‘Do Not Remove’.


Get a Free Z2 No Tear Tagger with orders of 50 or more tags (first time orders only) to apply your Z Tags NLIS Tags.

VICTORIANS please click here to order through Agriculture Victoria’s site for a subsidy on NLIS tags. 
  • Note VICTORIAN PICs go to VIC website for a subsidy because it is CHEAPER to order this way –  and we know how costs add up!  Order your management tags through us but use your subsidy for NLIS tags!
  • Note SA Tag Levy of $1.50 per tag

Toolbox Promo

Free Datamars toolbox with orders over:

  • 350 NLIS Tags OR
  • 300 Matching Tags Sets (NLIS + Matching Visual Tag)

*Ends 30th April or while stocks last



Z Tags NLIS Post Breeder Tags are official traceability scheme tags for cattle. Durable and easy to apply with the No-Tear Tagger.

KEY FEATURES – Z Tags NLIS Post Breeder Tags

  • Official traceability scheme tags.
  • Consistent chip readability performance.
  • They have a protected transponder that enhances readability.
  • Flexible material on male tags limits snagging therefore aids retention.
  • Get superior readability.

Great design: No need to align the top of the tag, making them easy to load into the Z2 No-Tear Tagger. Using the Z2 No Tear Tagger also limits the risk of damaging the electronic chip on application.

Breeder vs Post Breeder

NLIS Post Breeder tags (orange) are for livestock that you have purchased and are not already identified with an NLIS device.

NLIS Breeder tags (white) are for livestock you have bred and that are still on your property.


Please provide your Property Identification Code (PIC) in the checkout process.

  • A PIC is an 8-character code used to identify your property in the NLIS.
  • You must have a PIC to move livestock on and off your property.
  • Click here to learn more about the National Livestock Identification System.
  • Remember if you are VICTORIAN to get your tags through Agriculture Victoria. We would love to supply you, however, your levies pay for subsidised tags!
  • To obtain a PIC, contact your state/territory NLIS authority.

Victorian PIC please order NLIS tags through the Victorian Agricultural Website agriculture (as they subsidise your tags)

If you have a VICTORIAN PIC NUMBER go to the VICTORIAN GOVERNMENT website. Use your subsidy they are cheaper for VICTORIANS!


For further information on the tagging requirements for cattle, you can visit the MLA or Integrity Systems websites. They are both great resources for your responsibilities when it comes to traceability of livestock within Australia. 

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