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Chemvet Newsletter Volume 9


By the time you receive this newsletter, or soon after, the national election will be won and lost. It appears to me that as a whole the agricultural sector won’t be affected by the result either way although it appears that if Labour are re-elected there is a fair chance a carbon trading scheme will introduced some time in the future and I suppose everyone in Agriculture should be investigating how such a scheme could affect them (good or bad)

The big lesson though is the clout that the big miners had prior to the election. What a pity the agricultural sector (combined exports can’t be far off those from mining) can’t get their act together to be such a powerful and effective lobby group. If the NFF was doing it’s stuff, Agriculture would be front and square on every politicians agenda. So far in the election campaign, I haven’t heard the sector mentioned once! The recent unilateral announcement on beef imports (since put on hold) would not have got past square one if agriculture was represented by a similar organisation to the Minerals Council of Australia!


Chemvet is please to announce that we are now selling NLIS tags to our Queensland, NSW and Tasmanian clients and hopefully to our Victorian clients in a couple of years time (check the date here) (more in the newsletter over the page)

Farm Input Costs

The Kondinin Group 2009 National Agricultural Survey identified input costs as the most significant issue facing farm profitability today

Chemvet is pleased to announce that the prices for our products are the same or in some cases a lot better (= less cost to our clients) than they were when we initially introduced them to the market so hopefully we are pulling our weight in helping profitability for our clients

Kind regards, Murray Grant

Payment by Electronic Banking – Change of Chemvet bank account number

Many thanks to the large number of clients who regularly pay their accounts by internet banking. This is really fantastic for us as it cuts down our paper work dramatically.

For those who use this method of payment please note that we have changed our bank account no for EFT deposits. Could you please remove our old account number from you system and replace it with this new one. Chemvet Australia, BSB 033-018 Account No: 244055

NlIS tags

We have been granted an agency for the DATAMARS NLIS cattle tags.

“The only seller of RFID tags who actually make their own devices!!”

Chemvet don’t as a rule take on agencies but in this case we are impressed with the quality of the tags, the results of the trials that showed excellent retention rates and readability and the simplicity of the ordering system

DATAMARS (a Swiss company=quality, quality, quality!) are one of the largest and most innovative producer of RFID devices in the world. They are the only seller of RFID tags who actually make their own devices!!

Currently the tags are triangular in shape which is one of the keys to the excellent retention but also (because of the orientation of the RFID device) give increased read range for panel readers.

They also allow large printing for superior sual readability. The barb on the stem also clamps in a way that ensures good breathability of the ear piercing allowing good healing, less weeping and low irritability associated with the wound.

For those who want to stick with a round tag these are currently undergoing assessment by the authorities and will be available shortly.

Unfortunately we cannot at this time sell into Victoria as this is State Government controlled for another 18 months however hopefully after this time the DATAMARS tender will be successful and we will be able to supply NLIS tags to our Victorian clients.

“20 million!”

The number of doses of our Vetmec LV plus Selenium sold since launch in 2004. A big thankyou for our clients who have used this great product over the last 5 years.

It’s back! The Notebook Back by popular demand. In December we will be sending out our 2011 edition of our popular pock-

et notebooks to all those who have purchased throughout the year

Staff News

Squash (a dangerous past time!)

Late last year both Murray and Ron suffered serious ankle injuries that required surgery. An Achilles tendon repair for Ron and an ankle reconstruction for Murray. Both injuries were sustained whilst playing competition squash. It was especially bad luck for Ron as his team had just made it to the Grand final.

If we were horses suffering these injuries there is a good chance colonel colt may have been the solution!! However the good news is the surgeries were successful.

Ron is back into pennant squash already this current season and Murray is back on the running track hopefully returning to squash for the summer 2010 season (probably down about 3 grades!)