Chemvet Newsletter Volume 38: Summer 2019

2 Dec, 2019

Dear Clients,

As the year draws to a close there is hope that sometime in the near future we can draw a line under what has been for many the most challenging period of their life on the land. Down here in the South it is very difficult to fully comprehend the severity of this drought and the devastation that it has caused for so many of our NSW and QSLD friends and customers. For all those affected, Chemvet gives a big ‘shout out’ and pray that your resilience and bloody hard work is duly rewarded with some sort of return to normal seasonal conditions soon.

Meanwhile, for the sheep producer, Chemvet’s war on dropping the price on blowfly and lice treatments is in full swing with pallets of Vetmec Strikemaster and Vetmec Bodyguard, large and small, going out the door. We are becoming very adept at cutting down a large pallet and making smaller ones for our mostly door to door TNT deliveries. Look over-page for Chemvet’s new highly competitive pricing for these products.

We are pleased to announce that our future newsletters will include ‘Tash’s Corner’ – a regular contribution from our wonderful Tash giving a younger perspective on Australian Agriculture – Tash’s first piece is about opportunities in agribusiness and sustainability.

Best wishes for Xmas and a happy and safe New Year and a hope that the recent November ‘sprinkles’ of rain that many have recently experienced keep coming!

Murray & the team at Chemvet


Every year around Xmas we send out a handy gift to all our clients who have purchased from us throughout the year. Because it was appreciated by so many on a previous occasion we are sending out this year a handy tag/hayband cutter.

‘Tis the season for weaners!

Vetmec LEV Pour-on for cattle 5L

5L – $240 +GST

Only $0.72 per 300 kg weaner!

The weaning season down south has arrived and will build right through to March-April up north with weaning of spring-born calves in NSW and the first muster right up north.

This is a critical time to get in a resistance busting drench. Wherever possible combine a ‘resistance busting’ Vetmec LEV Pour-on with your Vetmec or Vetmec F injection or Vetmec Pour-on.

Buy 2 or more Vetmec Pour-on before March 31st 2020, and receive a FREE gun! (worth $45)!

Summer Special

Buy 2 or more Vetmec Pour-on before March 31st 2020, and receive a FREE gun! (worth $45)!


worth $45+GST

SPECIAL! * Buy 2 packs or more (2.5L or 10L)
and get a FREE gun worth $45+GST


Vetmec Pour-on
$1000 + GST


NOW $680+GST*

* Offer valid until March 31st 2020

Vetmec Pour On Cattle Drench 2.5LVetmec Pour On Cattle Drench 2.5L Vetmec Pour-on
2.5L $300+ GST

NOW $260+GST*

Sheep News

Vetmec Strikemaster Spray-On Blowfly Treatment

STRIKEMASTER is a spray-on Blowfly treatment containing 50 g/L Dicyclanil, the equivalent to Clik™. For genuine 6 months fly protection switch to STRIKEMASTER and save

Vetmec Strikemaster Spray-On Blowfly Treatment 20L20L $850+GST
Vetmec Strikemaster Spray-On Blowfly Treatment 5L5L $290+GST

Vetmec-BODYGUARD-NEW-highly-competitive-FREIGHT-FREE-price-$340NEW highly competitive FREIGHT FREE price $340+GST


Vetmec Bodyguard is an Imidacloprid based Off-shears Pour-on Lousicide equivalent to Avenge™. Bodyguard comes in the award-winning ‘non-glug’ 20L container. And now in addition to our highly competitive reduced pricing, we are now offering this product freight free.

Shipping by TNT

Chemvet has been able to negotiate with TNT suitable transport rates for larger orders of sheep drench and Bodyguard that can be palletised. A spin-off advantage is that in most cases this is a very convenient ‘to the farm’ delivery. This service has already proven great for delivery of Vetmec Bodyguard and will be an excellent method of delivery for 2+ orders of Vetmec Strikemaster 20L.

Power Doser

We now have in stock a power doser that has been proven to work well with Bodyguard and trikemaster. Australian made and the ideal accessory for those with large mobs of sheep to treat. This doser is powered by a BBQ gas cylinder and comes complete with a 5M hose allowing whole races of sheep to be quickly and efficiently treated with minimal effort.

Tag Orders over Christmas

Remember, our normally very highly efficient ordering and freighting of tag orders, can be disrupted by Public holidays as well as Datamars/Zeetags closing their office over the Xmas/New Year break. For those wanting to tag cattle over the holiday period please get your orders in early rather than later in the month!

chemvet ztags

Shop Now

Chemvet-Newsletter-Vol-38-Dog Worming Tabs.jpg

Dog Worming Tabs

Give your hard-working mates a Xmas treat. Add a pack of our now famous palatable Vetmec Dog Allwormer with your next order. A 10 pack (treats 10 working dogs) is only $30 + GST, and of course freight free when ordering with other animal health products.

Photography Competition

Could your stock be the next face of Chemvet?
Like our Facebook page and send us your farm-based photos, for the chance to win $250 off your next order and star in our autumn newsletter!

Entries close 1st February 2020.
Send entries to Facebook or email to

Could your stock be the next face of Chemvet?
2019-21 pocket notebook

Would you like a notebook?

Last year we sent out our popular 2019-21 pocket notebook. We still have quite a number of these notebooks in stock so if anyone wants one or two put in with your next order, just let us know or send us an email. First in first served!


From the perspective of a university student studying a Bachelor of Agriculture at the University of Melbourne, there seem to be limitless opportunities in terms of jobs within the industry we’re soon to enter. Of course this all depends on what you major and specialise in, but agriculture across the globe is changing and we need the research, resources and leaders to keep up. The people I talk to at any kind of industry event are saying that there are a lot of office jobs that require an agricultural degree, and I guess this is explained by the fact that more than 70 percent of students in my cohort aren’t from the land or have grown up on farms. This means the industry is expanding, production is increasing but with fewer farmers and more technology, which overall makes us really quite efficient!

The animal production industries receive a lot of uneducated opinions and criticism when it comes to telling farmers how to do their jobs. These opinions generally stem from welfare or environmental and climate change concerns. Across the world, the twelve United Nations Sustainability Goals are the basis for many decisions that will cause change. An example of such adoption is Meat and Livestock Australia’s carbon neutral by 2030 goal, which I’m sure most red meat producers have heard of. It’s well on its way to achieving this goal of greenhouse gas mitigation and has dropped greenhouse gas contributions significantly (around 50 percent) since 2005. This has been done so by land management, such as tree planting, as well as trials to reduce methane emissions from the animal itself. The use of solar power is also something that is contributing to this rapid reduction in emissions, which Chemvet is pleased to say we’ve installed 48 solar panels on a 15 kilowatt system in an effort to increase the sustainability of the business.



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