Chemvet Newsletter Volume 20: Summer 2014

4 Dec, 2014

Best wishes for 2014 from Chemvet!

Our wish list for starters (despite the BOM’s extremely bleak outlook*) is for strong rains up north & out west and no bush fires and an early and sustained autumn break in the south and of course a strong pickup in cattle prices for all our cattle clients.

Kind regards

Murray, Ron & Staff at Chemvet Australia

*BOM is currently predicting a double whammy for Feb through to April of high chance of below ave rainfall and above ave temperature for most of the eastern seaboard and across the top end.

Product NEWS!


The number of our sheep clients now routinely using a combination of our Vetmec LV and Vetmec Dual as a ‘resistance breaking’ three way drench. This has been producing fantastic results with post drench testing on a large number of properties is showing this to be a very effective strategy.

Vetmec Palatable Allwormer Tablets for Dogs 10 TabletsVetmec Allwormer Tablets for Dogs

Lately, we have noticed quite a number of our sheep clients asking us to throw in a pack of Vetmec Dog Allwormer when they order their sheep drench. It’s great to know in these instances that the often unheralded hard working stalwarts of the sheep enterprise are not being forgotten! When you order next – give a thought to old faithful and his/her hairy mates!


As mentioned in our last Newsletter our tag supplier DATAMARS have bought out US tag company Temple tags; the largest cattle tag producer in the USA, and have been changing over to this tag in Australia. This change is now complete and virtually all visual tag sales from now on will be the Temple tag.

The new temple visual tags have been well received by our clients with one small issue being that when applied with the universal tag applicator, the tag can move slightly on some occasions meaning the pin on the button doesn’t completely line up with the hole in the tag. This can be solved by checking just before application that the tag is aligned properly.

We are now supplying the tag applicator made by Temple tags. This is a ‘hand made’ applicator and is built like the proverbial brick! (Jade from Datamars was over there recently and saw these being made and confirmed the ‘hand-made’ tag).

These taggers also apply the round Datamars NLIS tags (by simply removing the insert). These are competitively priced at $50 + GST ($35 + GST when combined with any 200+ visual tag or round NLIS tag order or free with orders over 500 tags of any kind – see below).

Combine and SAVE!

Ask for our combo deals NLIS plus XL management tag including up to 3 lines of printing:

XL Management tag + round NLIS $3.60

XL Management tag + triangular NLIS $3.70

SPECIAL!: for the next 3 months receive a free Temple tag applicator with orders of 500+ combo (both round and triangle NLIS).


Because of the Government subsidised NLIS scheme we are not price competitive with NLIS tags in Victoria ordered through this scheme however we do have an increasing number of Victorian clients who prefer to pay a few more cents for superior tags and a very simple hassle free and fast order placement and turn around. Simply phone, give us your PIC number and receive your tags in the post in a few days.

Synchronisation of your management tags is also a simple process and the combo deal of NLIS tag and management tag almost achieves a pricing parity!


For all those who purchased from us in 2013 we have we have continued with our tradition of a handy gift.

This handy genuine leather LED light on the key ring will come in handy on all sorts of occasions. Staff here have road tested them and I notice they all still have them on their their key ring.

For those who have missed out we have plenty of extras to ensure that any clients who didn’t get to purchase our products last year will get one with their 1st order in 2014. Make sure you mention you want one when you make the order. Likewise if anyone wants extra for managers/staff etc just mention it when you make your next order.

New tracking system – Australia Post!

All our Australia Post parcels (not only our Express Post parcels) are now tracked through a label and scanning system….! Don’t hesitate to phone if you haven’t received your order in the usual very prompt manner as we can go into their system and locate it’s where abouts for you. In the vast majority of cases it is in the local PO awaiting collection.

Chemvet News

Diana still smoke free!

We are all very proud of Diana who broke the habit mid last year and is now at time of writing 191 days both smoke and nicobate free – a fantastic effort!

What a whopper!

Murray and Ron both love to chase the Port Phillip Bay Snapper over the spring months. Ron certainly won this year landing this 82.5 cm whopper weighing in at 6 kgs (fed the family for 3 days!). He’s guarding the GPS mark very closely!


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