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Autumn 2013 Newsletter: Volume 18

politics2013They’re at it again!

With the election date set as the 14th September campaigning has already begun. It

looks as though Labour will be campaigning hard on education (primary and secondary),

economic credibility and assisting families and individuals on lower incomes whilst the

Coalition, being miles ahead in the polls, will probably be trying to present as small a

target as possible. They have however committed to attempt to repeal the Carbon Tax

and reduce the scale of the NBN.

Some interesting battles loom in the rural seats currently held by independents and the Katter party may or may not end up

having an influence.

Whatever your thoughts on these topics, one thing that we should all be doing is attempting to make Agriculture a higher

priority for the Parties attempting to become the incoming Federal Government!

Recently the threat of an advertising campaign by the superannuation industry had the instant effect of forcing the Government

into declaring their proposed changes to superannuation. Prior to the last election the advertising campaign by the mining and

minerals lobby had a dramatic effect on shaping the immediate pre-election climate and even one of the prime ministerial

candidates. Obviously such tactics can only be brought to bear against the policy of an incumbent Government however they

demonstrate the level of noise that a cohesive Agricultural sector must make if their concerns are to be heard in any national


One of the life bloods of Agriculture is the tertiary education sector and unfortunately in my opinion Agriculture’s status within

this sector has waned dramatically over the last 20 years. Recently announced proposed cuts to university funding must not

be allowed to lead to any further erosions in this area – this could be worth a campaign!

Enough on politics!

Extremely dry conditions

Client feedback tells us that with the exception of north coastal NSW, extended very dry conditions prevail from the Gulf in the

north to Dover (TAS) in the South. In fact many of our clients have said this is the driest they have seen Western Victoria and

SE South Australia. Let’s hope this Newsletter brings with it a decent drop of rain for some sort of late autumn break!

Busy, Busy bees at Chemvet!

Ron and Catherine have a busy schedule hosting stands at field days over the next couple of months. If you are attending any

of these please make sure you call in for a cuppa and a chat

  • East Gippsland, Bairnsdale
  • Agfest Launceston
  • Hereford National Wodonga
  • Primex Casino


As the saying goes: “all good things must come to an end\”. Datamars declaring “mission accomplished\” have as of March 30th

ended their two year ‘retention guarantee’ promotion where, as a way of proving their tag’s superior retention, purchasers’ (>100

tags) were given a bonus matching numbered management tag. There has also been a slight increase in the price of their very

well priced quality management tags.

However the good news is that Chemvet is still able to offer a management tag ‘combo’ deal on NLIS orders both triangular

and round (for orders of ? 100 tags) at least until June 30th saving around $0.60 per combination.