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Spring 2012 Chemvet Newsletter: Volume 16

Thank you!

Chemvet would like to thank you for helping us to help you!

Over the years it has become more and more apparent that ‘word of mouth’ promotion of our products is the most powerful weapon in Chemvet’s sales promotion armoury.

Clients promoting our products and our high level of customer service to friends and neighbours is by far our greatest source of new sales.

The growth in sales that we have gained through this word of mouth promotion has been incredible.

The resulting increase in scale has helped us keep our costs of production in check and this combined with not having to spend money on expensive advertising campaigns has allowed us to keep our prices down for you our clients.

Kind regards and again many thanks for your fantastic support!

Murray Grant

Vetmec F – formulation change causes positive side effect!

A side effect of the slight change in formulation in our Vetmec F in order to gain the nil Milk withhold in dairy cattle has been to greatly increase the free flowing nature of the product. The increase in ease of application through the injector has been really well received with many comments remarking on the ease of injection.

32,000 Vetmec Allwormer Tablet Doses

We have supplied a staggering 32,000 dog doses since we launched the economically priced ‘palatable dog all wormer’ (including hydatids) just on two years ago. A great result for the health of all the working dogs out there and the safety of their handlers!!

Vetmec Pour-On 10L SALE still on!

The fantastic response to our 10L Pour-on SPECIAL, has allowed us to keep the special on. Plus we’ve now been able to add an offer of a FREE gun with the purchase of 2+ 10L Pour-on’s!  Treat worms and external parasits such as cattle lice, cattle ticks & buffalo fly all at the same time with this fantastic pour-on product.

 Vetmec Injectors – another novel application!

Over the years we’ve told you about a variety of novel uses for our Chemvet injector guns. We’ve now been approached by a small goods manufacturer who sells DIY kits to home cure ham and bacon etc. He intends to include Vetmec 12.5 mL injectors and needles in his kits. This adds to the long list of non animal uses that the Vetmec range of injectors and dosers have been put to use for. We’ve been happy to find that people using our accessory products for non-animal use are pleasantly surprised at the reliability and high quality of the injector guns and dosers.

 NLIS Tags

We continue to be the largest reseller for DATAMARS NLIS and Management Tags – thanks to Chemvet’s easy & convenient ordering system (give us a call any time or order online!) and a speedy 2-4 day delivery of tags. DATAMARS Tag Applicators now have newly designed pins, which has corrected the problem of pins bending when tagging cattle. If you have any issues with your DATAMARS tag applicator give us a call and we’ll replace it with one of our newly designed guns. In the near future, we will also be selling NLIS tags for sheep so watch this space!


 NLIS Retention Guarantee – Get FREE Management Tags

For orders of 100+ NLIS triangular “tough tags\”, you can get a FREE Management Tag and button with every “tough tag\” purchased. You can choose size (medium or large), colour, number sequence and print your property name on your free management tags along with the corresponding NLIS tag number. Further to getting free management tags, with the retention guarantee, if an NLIS tag is lost, and the matching management tag remains in place, DATAMARS will immediately replace the lost tag. Minimum order is 100 tags and the Guarantee is only being offered with our triangular NLIS “tough tags\”. Give us a call today if you’d like to take advantage of this offer. You can also upgrade to Maxi Tags as part of the Retention Guarantee offer for $0.50 per tag.

Discussion: Long acting injectable drench in Sheep

Dr. Murray Grant

We banged on about this product in a previous newsletter where on one farm we had recorded quite a worrying worm egg output at the end of the 100 day period of claimed activity.

The product used claims to cover the brown stomach worm (Ostertagia spp) and Barbers pole worm (Haemonchus spp) for 100 days but only covers the black scour worm (trichostrongylus spp) for 50 days. Therefore, the worms in these ewes were either all black scour worms or worms that were resistant to the ‘mectin in the product. On the face of it, having black scour worms present with the drug still around but not in high enough concentration to kill them (sub lethal dose) could well be playing a part in selecting for resistant worms in the flock.

Further testing in this flock did suggest that there were now ‘mectin resistant worms present (previous testing had shown no ‘mectin resistant worms in this flock). The attraction of using a long acting product to cover the ewes against worms from immediately pre-lambing to well into the lamb raising period I admit is compelling, however in my opinion there may be a downside to this practice.

If you have used such a product, it makes sense to routinely drench again immediately at the end of the period (100 days) to knock out any resistant worms that may have developed over the use of this product. This strategy should manage against the possibility of resistant worms taking hold on the property.

Remember for qualified, professional (and free) advice on drench management and worm resistance, or if you require worm analysis of your herd or property, give us a call today.

Tag Readers

We have been selling two very economical DATAMARS NLIS tag readers into the Australian market. Ron has had extensive training on the use and technical applications of these readers and can “walk\” new owners through the set up and various applications of their new reader.


• Reads NLIS Tags + Data Collector

• Bluetooth

• Stores up to 1M records (1GB)

• Program 20 fields of data

• Big display screen 100%

• Water & dust proof

$1330 (GST Incl).


• Stores up to 1M records• Bluetooth

• USB Charger

• LED Display

• Vibrates & Beeps

• UBS & RS232 Interface

$759 (GST Incl)

Chemvet Notebook

The 2013/14 edition of the ever-popular Chemvet Notebook is now in production and will be sent out in December to all of our active customers that have bought from us over the last couple of years. If you haven’t put in an order for a while – make sure you get one in by Christmas to receive your complimentary notebook.

Rocky Expo & Sheepvention 2012

Thanks to all of our past and new clients who came along and visited us at the Beef Expo in Rockhampton and Sheepvention in Hamilton. It’s a great opportunity to have a chat and get valuable feedback about our products and services and catch up with many old friends.

Ron at the Chemvet stand at Beef Expo, Rockhampton.

Murray & Ken Lawrence – Wowan, Qld. Ken has been buying Vetmec products for over 12 years!

Murray and one of our clients Robbie Carkeet – Bracewell, Queensland

Murray & Casey Wieck – commercial cattle fitter and Vetmec user

Murray & Richard Hamm – another long time user of Vetmec products

Ron with Chemvet clients – Greg and Judy Boto

Ron tucking into a big Rockhampton steak!

Chemvet NEWS

Since our last newsletter Murray turned the big 60 and had a party down in Lorne, Victoria. It was a fantastic dinner and a big recovery BBQ the next day. Most of Murray’s previous and current work mates were in attendance as well as many family friends from Melbourne and also Yea, Victoria where Murray was the local vet for over 20 years.