Bluestick RFID Reader

NLIS Tag Reader for Cattle & SheepThe RFID reader “Bluestick\” is a portable livestock device with high reading performance, and is great value for price. The Bluestick can be used for working in outdoor field conditions and it is suitable for reading all EID devices (eartags, bolus and injectables) HDX and FDX-B accordingly to ISO Standard 11784/5 and ISO 11784-AMD1.

Thanks to its long-lasting Lithium battery it allows long working sessions and it can store more than 1,000,000 electronic IDs. It can be connected to a PC through a USB cable for battery recharging and data downloading. The Bluestick reader has a Bluetooth wireless port as well as a RS232, which can be used to send on the fly electronic ID to any compatible receiver host station (i.e. PC, PDA, mobile smart phone).

It is delivered with the battery charger adapter for DC car/truck power source as well as for AC power source and RS232 cable and the Rumisoft software package is included.


Customer benefits:

  • Universal portable reader with high reading performance (reading of ISO 11784/5 and ISO 11784-AMD1 FDX-B and HDX)
  • Highly versatile and easy to handle in outdoor field conditions
  • Long-lasting Lithium battery
  • Easy battery recharging through USB cable connected to PC, 240V adaptor and 12V DC car plug
  • User memory available more than 1 GB (> 1.000.000 ID records)
  • LCD display with backlight with high quality integrated loud speaker
  • Possibility to transfer data on the fly through Bluetooth wireless connection or RS232
  • Dedicated livestock application software “Rumisoft\” included
  • Free Support (1800 839 661)