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New Products from Chemvet Nov 2011

At Chemvet, we manufacturer most of our own products to ensure we offer high quality Australian made products we can on-sell direct to the farmer.

That being said, we have recently branched out to include high quality accessories such as NLIS tags from DATAMARS Australia, which are swiss designed and excellent quality (click here to read about their lifetime retention guarantee!). We now also stock RFID Readers for Cattle & Sheep. These devices allow data transfer via Bluetooth when scanning animals in the field or in the race, and can be connected to a computer or laptop through a USB cable for data download. Thanks to the included Rumisoft software package, the management of the livestock application files becomes extremely easy and fast.

RFID Tag Readers – NEW from Chemvet 

Bluestick RFID Reader

Weight: 0.620 Kg
Brand: Datamars

$690 + GST


Weight: 0.326
Brand: Datamars:
Pack Type: Shock Proof Plastic Carry Case

$1209.10 + GST