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Chemvet Newsletter Volume 10

Best Wishes from Chemvet

BEST WISHES FROM CHEMVET FOR A FANTASTIC XMAS and for the continuation into year 2011 of the best general pastoral conditions that farmers and producers have experienced in eastern Australia for 20 or so years!

From Murray, Ron & Staff

Holiday Period Availability

We all know that Farming and animal husbandry is a 24 hour, 365 days per year job. The farm can’t shut down for a holiday break!

Therefore Chemvet doesn’t either. The office will be manned on all working days throughout the Xmas and New Year period.

Also the phones are always switched through to one of our mobiles after hours , during the weekend or on public holidays so we are always available to process an order or to give advice. We also receive an alert when any orders are placed over the Internet so these are attended to 24/7 as well.

So no matter what day or time of day it is over the break, if you have a query or an order don’t hesitate to give us a call and someone will be available to assist you.

Having said all the above, our freight options will be very limited Monday 27th and 28th December and Monday 3rd January as these are public holidays.

Christmas Gift

For those who purchased from us this year we have continued with our tradition of a handy Xmas gift.

The Vetmec “top pocket\” note books have been such a hit the last couple of times we decided to go with them again this year.

For those who have missed out we have plenty of extras to ensure that any clients who didn’t get to purchase our products last year will get one with their 1st order in 2011. Make sure you mention you want one when you make the order.

Likewise if anyone wants extra for managers/staff etc just mention it when you make your next order.

Chemvet guns come to the rescue again!

Once again Chemvet has been able to provide assistance and a solution for people outside our traditional market place.

A couple of doctors, since our last newsletter, have purchased Vetmec guns for use in irrigating their patients ear canals.

A pack of guns was also recently sent over to Norfolk Island to be used to deliver chemicals in a woody weed eradication programme.


Vetmec Pallatable Allwormer for Dogs

Give the dogs a Xmas treat – include a pack of Vetmec Allwormer in their Xmas stocking!

Also remember if city relatives (especially children) are visiting the farm over the Xmas break get them to maintain good hygiene (wash their hands) after handling the farm dogs. Of course, regular treatment of the dogs with products such as Vetmec Allwormer is the best way to cut the risk of Hydatids being harboured by your farm dogs.

Since our launch of this product earlier in the year we have supplied a staggering 5,000 dog doses of this product to our clients with many repeat orders. This is great because it means many of our clients in pastoral areas recognize the importance of regular worm treatments for the health of their dogs as well as that of themselves, their staff and their family’s.


In our last Newsletter we announced that we are now an agency for the DATAMARS NLIS cattle tags.

Since the announcement and launch of the service, sales of these tags to our clients have absolutely taken off, with a lot of very positive feedback.


Chemvet don’t as a rule take on agencies but in * 98.7% retention rate in extensive commercial trials over this case we were impressed with the quality of the the 4 year trial period. tags, the results of the trials that showed excellent retention rates and readability and the simplicity

of the ordering system with a very fast turn around time.

Loss rates in a major commercial trial in central QLD over 4 years showed a total loss rate of 1.4%. This equates to only 0.37% per year (1 per 270 head).

DATAMARS (a Swiss company=quality, quality, quality!) are one of the largest and most innovative producer of RFID devices in the world. They are the only seller of RFID tags who actually make their own devices!!

Unfortunately at this time it’s not practical for us to sell into Victoria as this is State Government controlled for another 18 months. However hopefully after this time, the DATAMARS tender will be successful and we will be able to supply NLIS tags to our Victorian clients.

For all our clients in QSLD, NSW, SA and TAS order your NLIS tags from Chemvet. Simply ring 1800 243 683 and let us organise your tags. The service is hassle free and prompt delivery is assured.

Pricing is very competitive at $3.00 +gst per tag and your order is delivered to you freight free. A free applicator is provided with any order of 100+ tags.

Also the tags work well in any Allflex applicator that is used with Allflex VISUAL tags. For the Red or green Allflex gun that means leaving the black plastic insert in place (rather than removing it like has to be done for the Allflex NLIS buttons).

Full corresponding VISUAL tags can also be ordered at the same time. Pricing is a very competitive!

Warning! Drenching your dogs with cattle product…

Over the years we have had numerous phone calls from farmers who have treated their dogs ‘off label’ with our Vetmec for cattle products. Generally the call is because the dog is showing untoward effects, which is the result of, in some cases, fairly extreme overdoses.

Remember that the dose rate of the cattle injectable product is 1 mL per 50 Kgs.

We don’t in any way recommend this ‘off label’ use of the cattle and sheep products on your dogs but if you are inclined, remember that it is very easy to overdose your dogs if you are not very careful. An average sized kelpie or heeler is around 15-20 Kg and the family Jack Russell would be lucky to be 7-10 Kg dripping wet – a 1 mL dose could be a dangerous 7 x overdose for Jack!

It’s a far better idea to get a pack of Vetmec All-wormer which is extremely safe, gets all the worms and knocks off the Hydatid tapeworm as well!

Other Chemvet News

Murray recently travelled to India for a couple of weeks, attending an India wide Agricultural Expo in Karnal, a city known as a centre for Agricultural research north of Delhi, as well as visiting a couple of Chemvet business contacts over there.

Even though the production systems obviously differ greatly from those in Australia he found there was an all too familiar theme being voiced at the seminar sessions – ever increasing cost of production coupled with a squeeze on returns to the farmer (even with cost of labour at $1-2000 per year).

The size and presence of the herbal/traditional animal remedy market was a surprise with well over half of the animal health booths and displays being from this sector.