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Autumn 2012 Chemvet Newsletter: Volume 15

NSW Floods

Firstly, our thoughts go out to all those affected by the floods in NSW. It seems as though every time I sit down to write a newsletter there has been some sort of major disaster confronting those on the Land. Hopefully this will be the last one for a while(!!) and that affected properties are now getting back to some sort of normality.

Beef Expo 2012

Chemvet has a stand (No. 37) in the Robert Schwarten Pavilion and Ron and I look forward to catching up with all of our customers who make it along to this fantastic triennial event.

NLIS Readers

We are now selling well priced Swiss made Datamars NLIS Tag readers. These are ideal for getting you records up to date for EU accreditation and tech support is only a phone call away. We are in the process of evaluating a race reader from the same supplier. Click here to read more.

Foot Abscess in Sheep

Last year we supplied a special form of our Vetmec Mineral Mix to the NSW DPI, high in Iodine and Zinc, to dose mobs of heavily pregnant crossbred ewes to investigate as to whether this supplementation may assist in the reduction of cases of foot abscess. (an absolute scourge in some flocks over recent times). Results to date have been encouraging and several more flocks have trialled this product this year.

Vetmec F – Great News

  • At long last we have obtained APVMA approval for a nil milk withholding on our Vetmec F meaning it can now be used in lactating dairy cattle – great news for our dairy clients in liver fluke areas
  • To facilitate this there has been a slight change in solvents which has meant that the product is also ‘thinner’ and goes through the gun more easily which is also great news especially on those cold days when the previous formulation tended to get a bit ‘thick’ and hard to push through the gun.

Milford Track

Ruth and I completed the Milford Track (in the South Island of New Zealand) in early March and I thoroughly recommend it to all of those who have not walked it. The weather was very kind (the rainfall in Fiordland is 240+ inches – 20 feet!) and the Beech forest and wilderness scenery is absolutely spectacular. I took the rod but couldn’t tempt any of the massive trout clearly visable in the crystal clear streams with the lure. A real highlight of the trip was the helicopter ride through the craggy peaks of the Southern Alps back to Queenstown.

Kind regards,

Dr Murray Grant 


Chemvet – social and online!

Jane has set up Twitter & Facebook pages for Chemvet – so make sure you follow us to keep on top of Chemvet news and promotions. Like our Facebook page by the end of April and we’ll send you voucher for 10% OFF your next Chemvet order! Simply visit our page here, like us, and you’ll receive a message into your facebook inbox with voucher details!

Product Listing May 2012

Vetmec Antiparisitic Cattle Injection 500mL (50 x 500kg doses per pack)

Vetmec Antiparisitic Cattle Injectionis a non-sting, Abamectin based antiparasitic injection effective against a broad range of internal and external parasites including gastro-intestinal roundworms, lungworms and sucking lice. It also aids in the control of cattle tick.

Independent studies have shown the Vetmec formulation to have a similar persistent activity to that of other similar types of injectable products. SPECIAL – FREE gun and needles with orders over 10 packs!

$135.00 + GST > 5 packs $125.00 + GST Contact us for quotes for larger orders



Vetmec F Broad Spectrum Antiparisitic Cattle Injection 500mL (50 x 500kg doses per pack)

Vetmec F is a non-sting , broad spectrum , ivermectin and clorsulon based anti-parasitic injection for cattle. Includes liver fluke control.

Treats and controls all in the one injection : Worms, Fluke, Lice, Mange, Ticks. Currently the most cost effective product on the Australian Market. SPECIAL – FREE gun and needles with orders over 10 packs!

$165.00 + GST


Vetmec Pour-on 10L (400 x 500kg doses per pack)

A quality oil based ‘pour-on’ drench that has virutally no odour for both Beef and Dairy cattle at a very competitive price with nil milk withholding!

Treat for under $2 per head for a 500 Kg adult. Treat and control all with the one application: Worms, Lice, Mange, Ticks, Buffalo fly.

Low volume formulation – only 25 mL for 500 Kgs, with organic solvents. “Easy on the gun, easy on the animal\”

$1000 + GST SPECIAL $728 + GST


 Vetmec Pour-on 2.5L (100 x 500kg doses per pack)

A quality ‘pour-on’ for both Beef and Dairy cattle at a very competitive price with nil milk withholding!

Treat for $3 per head for a 500 Kg adult. Treat and control all with the one application: Worms, Lice, Mange, Ticks, Buffalo fly.

Low volume formulation – only 25 mL for 500 Kgs, with organic solvents.

SPECIAL buy two 2.5L packs and receive a free 30mL pour-on applicator!

$300.00 + GST



Vetmec LV Plus Selenium 10L (2000 x 50kg doses per pack)

Vetmec LV plus Selenium Oral Drench for Sheep is an effective drench against a wide range of adult and immature worms.

This formulation has added Selenium for the treatment and prevention of selenium deficiencies.

Abamectin 2.0 g/L Selenium 1.0 g/L The active ingredient Abamectin is very effective and has been shown to remain effective for a time following the emergence of resistance to ivermectin in sheep. “Use in conjunction with Vetmec DUAL for a very cost effective ‘resitance braking’ 3 way drench!\”

$180.00 + GST



Vetmec DUAL 10L (2000 x 50kg doses per pack)

A low volume combination of white and clear drench for sheep and lambs containing Albendazole and levamisole. For the control of Gastrointestinal round worms sensitive to Benzimadazoles and Levamisole including those resistant to either Benzimadazoles or Levamisole.

Also controls Lungworm and Tapeworm (both heads and segments) as well as reducing viable worm eggs (ovicidal). Use with VETMEC LV for ‘resistance breaking’ 3 way combination drench. “Use in conjuection with Vetmec LV for a very cost effective ‘resitance braking’ 3 way drench!\”

$200.00 + GST



Vetmec Mineral Mix 440g (2000 x 50kg doses per pack)

Fully mineralised additive to drench alongside Vetmec LV plus Selenium or Vetmec Dual. Vetmec Mineral Mix contains 4

major trace elements : Copper, Cobalt, Iodine and Zinc.

All of these elements are essential for growth, development, health and reproduction in sheep and goats. Each of these trace elements in Vetmec Mineral Mix are in a special chelated form which are highly soluble and readily available to the

animal compared with other forms of these trace elements. “Only 2.5c per 50kg Sheep.\”

$50.00 + GST



Vetmec Palatable Allwormer Tablets for Dogs 10 Tablets (10 x 20kg doses per pack)

Each tablet contains: 100 mg PRAZIQUANTEL• 450 mg OXIBENDAZOLE Vetmec Palatable Allwormer for Dogs is for the treatment and control of Roundworm, Hookworm, Whipworm, Tapeworm (Dipylidium caninum) including the Hydatids Tapeworm (Echinococcus granulosus) in dogs.*

The tablets come in a convenient and economical farmer sized pack (treats 10 average sized dogs), are liver flavoured and

treat all intestinal worms including the Hydatids Tapeworm. “Most dogs eat them out of your hand!\”

$30.00 + GST



NLIS Tags The once-in stay-in NLIS Tags

With 98.7% retention rate over 3 years in extensive commercial trails, DATAMARS NILS tags are a Swiss designed and extremely high quality flexible plastic tag with the transponder encased in fibreglass which gives shock resistance and longer life. 100% retention in latest comparative trials.Being triangular, our tags allow up to 80% more aeration than round tags. Aerated application means that the tag wound heals quicker with fewer infections. DATAMARS’ surgical plastic “tri-swivel\” locking mechanism results in a cleaner wound and less snagging. Can use regular allflex applicator, or purchase one from Chemvet.

SPECIAL Free applicator with all orders > 100 tags!

$3.00 + GST (Price includes printing, male button & freight)



Visual Tags – Customise your tags

Option to have lines like your property name and NLIS Tag Number printed on to tags at no extra cost.

Aerated application means that the tag wound heals quicker with fewer infections. Fewer infections means less irritation, which lessens rubbing which is one of the major causes of tag loss. Available in 4 colours (White, Orange, Green & Yellow) – simply choose your colour when ordering. Alflex applicators can be used to attach tags and quality applicators can be purchased with your order if required.

$1.00 + GST (Price includes printing, male button & freight)



Vetmec 12mL Injector

Accurate and durable ‘Dial a dose’ injector from 1 mL to 12 mL in 0.5 mL increments. New improved needle hub.

$35.00 + GST



Vetmec Needles

16g x 1?2\” needles for easy and accurate subcutaneous injection in cattle. These needles are very strong and retain their sharpness far longer than other brands of needles.

$5.50 + GST



Vetmec Pour-on Applicator

A robust pour-on applicator with enough capacity for easy, fast and accurate ‘one squirt’ application of Vetmec Pour-on. 30mL in 1mL increments. Fan tip nozzle for best possible hide/skin application

$45.00 + GST



Vetmec Sheep Drenching Gun

A very sturdy and accurate ‘Dial a dose’ drencher with 15 mL capacity in 0.5 mL increments for 1-10 mL and 1.0 mL for 10 – 15 mL. Steel nozzle.

$45.00 + GST


Vetmec Slapshot

A 78cm flexible needle extension tube fitted to the end of our gun for a safer and easier way to inject your cattle.

$12.00 + GST


5L “Collapsible Back-pack\”

Very handy ergonomic collapsible back-pack with inner “bottom draw- off \” tube to guarantee no spills!. Comes complete with straps and dual size spigot 4.6mm & 6.4mm for different sized delivery hoses.

$35.00 + GST



Vetmec Cattle Prodder

Extremely robust and reliable cattle prodder at a very reasonable price. Flexible with “near unbreakable shaft\”.

$115 + GST


Tag Applicator

Quality universal tag applicator from DATAMARS – Swiss tecnhnology and quality. Used to apply our NLIS Tags or Visual Tags. Can be used to apply Allfex tags also.

$30 + GST