Sheep Drench Resistance – ‘Combination drenches’ verses ‘rotation of Drenches’

Fighting Sheep Drench Resistance

It has been the reasonably long held opinion of the majority of Sheep Parasitologists:

that using a combination of drench actives in the one drench on a continuous basis is better than rotating between the drench classes (which is most usually on an annual basis)\”

This has been massively supported by the recent release of a major paper on this topic in the Journal of Parasitology

Leathwick D. M., ‘Managing anthelmintic resistance – Parasite fitness, drug use strategy and the potential for reversion towards susceptibility, Veterinary Parasitology, 198 (2013) 145-153

This paper shows that in terms of delaying the onset of resistance to the available drench active ingredients it is more advantageous to drench continually with a combination of actives rather than rotating between the actives.

Resistance Fighter

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